Is Civility Dead? Here’s our Opinion Plus 4 Things to Do

Is civility dead in our culture? We say no! If you want to lead with civility and tolerance even when others are intolerant of your opinions or perspective, it’s going to be a challenge. Unfortunately, we’ve reached a point of hate for each other just because we have different perspectives, and it’s a serious problem.

Let’s commit to do our part as honorable leaders by doing these four things:

  1. Guard your own character first. Avoid using uncivil tactics to advance your arguments.
  2. Be direct and honest, but keep strong boundaries on your words and actions. Set an example of someone who can disagree politely and factually with those with whom you disagree.
  3. Speak up when you experience the intolerance of others, those who resort to negative name-calling that is hateful and viscous. Consider how we can respectfully not tolerate those who use incivility as a weapon to advance their ideology.
  4. Get a free copy of the Honor Code on the Leading with Honor website, and share it with others. Pay special attention to Articles 2, 6, and 7.

Please comment below on your experience and advice too. Also, read the entire article on this topic – “Where is Dr King Now? A Civility Emergency”



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