Interesting Article on HP CEO, Meg Whitman, and Her Unique Leadership Style

Forbes Article - Meg Whitman

In case you missed this article earlier this year in Forbes Magazine on Hewlett-Packard CEO, Meg Whitman, it’s an interesting read. Gotta love the style of this former CEO that helped build the online behemoth, eBay.

This quote from the article talks about her transition into HP – “So the new HP attitude starts at the front door of its low-slung Palo Alto headquarters. Whitman dumped the barbed wire and locked gates that once separated executive parking spaces from the general lot. ‘We should enter the building the same way everyone else does,’ she says. Once inside, Whitman works from a small, sand-colored cubicle. (Her predecessors’ somber office has been turned into a conference room.) Whitman has a swim cap tacked to one partition, a picture of her mom on another. A Thomas Jefferson biography tops the heap of books next to her computer.”

Read and share what you like most about her leadership perspective…

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