How to Be Vision-Driven and Practical – Operating in Paradox

balance paradoxThink about how many times a day that you must operate and act in paradox—two seemingly opposite principles like the list below –  

  • Visionary and Practical
  • Chaotic and Orderly
  • Results-Driven and Relationships-Driven
  • Competitive and Supportive
  • Detached and Sensitive
  • Bold and Cautious
  • Quick and Patient
  • Strong and Vulnerable
  • Leader and Servant
  • Tough and Compassionate
  • Generalist and Specialist
  • Convincing and Good listener

The key to operating in paradox is being open to new mindsets. Challenge your mindsets. Often a change in perspective is the only way to employ the wide array of behaviors and skills needed to lead effectively. Read the entire article on this topic.

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