Historical Highlight for September 17, 2023

Historical Highlight for September 17, 2023 – “Welcomed Home with Open Arms” – here’s a short historical fact from the history of the Vietnam war and the POW experience shared in the new ‘Captured by Love‘ book:

“Unlike most other Vietnam veterans, the returning POWs were warmly welcomed. Several things came into play to make that happen. The widespread effort by the National League of POW/MIA Families and the Go Public effort of the Nixon administration touched minds and hearts at every level of our society. Additionally, Pentagon leaders had been working for several years to plan for the return of POWs to their families. The process launched with the great name of “Operation Homecoming.” Also, the war was over, so the anti-war groups were shrinking back.

“It all started when we landed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines. There were crowds to greet us and crowds to say goodbye when we left two days later. And then there were crowds and parades waiting for us when we got home.

“We were much healthier than expected. Thanks to the pressure from the League, our government, and related world pressure, our treatment changed drastically in the fall of 1969. Thereafter, we received minimal harassment and torture. Additionally, after the Son Tay raid, we were typically locked in large rooms with cellmates who had experienced worse treatment and been there longer. This environment gave us what turned out to be a subtle version of group therapy and catharsis. The emotional healing that came in the prison camps during our last three years was instrumental in our recovery from the pain and stress of the POW experience.

“And then, when we were released, we were instantly transformed from being caged prisoners to being national heroes. The love we experienced brought much joy and more healing.

“Amazingly, the data shows that POWs who returned from the Hanoi system had a lower rate of PTSD than soldiers who fought in the south. We POWs are extremely sad that most of our Vietnam veterans were not honored when they came home. We believe that would have helped them to find healing from their terrible war experience.

“It’s been 50 years since the war ended, but it’s never too late to show appreciation and welcome home our Vietnam veterans.”


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