Happy 100th Birthday, Col Charles McGee

Today Dec 7, 2019, we join with so many to say Happy Birthday to a great American, and a very special hero, Col. Charles McGee. Congratulations Col McGee on your 100th birthday and a life well lived. For those who don’t know his story, I hope you will read his biography by his daughter.

He was a Tuskegee Airman, flying with the famous Red Tails of WWII and during his amazing career flew in three wars (WWII, Korea, and Vietnam), Col. McGee flew more than 100 missions in each of those wars and ultimately 409 combat missions, more than any other airman. I was privileged to hear him and his long-time teammate Lt. Col. George Hardy speak at the Oshkosh EAA Fly-In 2018 and saw him there again last July. His life, stories, and wisdom are inspiring. He is a great role model for the young and old.

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