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Coaching Clip: Lessons to Communicate Better in Life and Work

One of the most effective ways to grow as a leader is by learning from the lives and experiences of others. In this month’s coaching clip, Lee shares several examples of how he and his POW brothers innovated to communicate with each other and stay connected. If you’re having challenges or want to grow in your communication with others, this advice can help.



Coaching Blog: How to Win the Battle of Clear Communication

By Lee Ellis

Major life experiences shared with someone generally create a strong bond, don’t they? From hardship and challenges to victories and celebrations, people are irrevocably woven together by pivotal moments in personal history. Here are some strong examples on how to better weave those bonds…

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Amazon Bestseller! 20 Top Gun Romance Stories

Captured by Love shares the real love stories of 20 Vietnam War POWs. Some had wives who started a movement that changed American foreign policy. Others came home and had to start over, while five single men met the loves of their lives.

Former POW Lee Ellis and love expert Greg Godek take you on a dramatic journey of faithfulness, passion, excitement, resilience, and practical love lessons from these couples.

New Amazon Bestseller in the Military Families and Survival Biographies & Memoirs

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