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Video Coaching: What Happens When You Connect with the Heart


In this new 5-minute coaching clip, Lee tells his experience and advice on getting out of your comfort zone as honorable leaders to connect with the hearts of others. The powerful skill of vulnerability and positivity can make substantial changes in your team or organizational culture.


Article: How to Connect With Others to Achieve Performance and Results


By Lee Ellis

Most great stories have a hero struggling with challenges and a mentor, someone who speaks into their life to help them find their way. If you’re a leader or want to be a leader, you must embrace the idea of connecting and investing in the lives of others. Here’s how to do it –


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Train Yourself and Your Team to Connect

Thousands of leaders and teams are already using Courageous Accountability Model to manage team communication and decisions:

Courageous Accountability Model

Begin using it immediately in your day-to-day decision-making and witness the results of better team performance and results. We offer three options–choose the one that best fits your objectives and goals:

Personal Study

Leading with HonorRead the award-winning book, Engage with Honor: Building a Culture of Courageous Accountability, to learn and apply this model.

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Group Self-Study Program

The Engage with Honor Training Guide provides 10 self-guided lessons that you and your team can study together.

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Group Online Study Course

Many leaders don’t feel qualified to conduct training, and it’s expensive. The Courageous Accountability Development Course, is an online platform using the latest, real-time collaborative learning technology to ensure the best learning environment possible.

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