Grateful for Honorable Leaders and Organizations – Read Inside

mohawk flooring Special thanks for these generous comments from Jerry Hendrix and Robert Stevenson, executive leaders at Mohawk Flooring, regarding Lee and Leading with Honor –

“When faced with immense adversity, Lee Ellis turned what could have been devastating into an opportunity. In his book ‘Leading with Honor,’ he details a unique approach to leadership shaped by his experience in a Vietnamese POW camp. These decisive strategies are just as relevant to aspiring leaders as they are to seasoned professionals who have held leadership roles for many years. By focusing on honor and what that means each and every day, readers from all backgrounds will be compelled to live better and lead stronger.”

Organizations like Mohawk are making great strides in leading their organizations the right way—with character, courage, and competence in their industry. If you have a story how Leading with Honor has helped your personal or organizational leadership, please share it with us—we’d love to hear from you. So grateful and thankful for our blog-reading friends this week!

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