The Game-Changer in Leadership – The Power of Vulnerability

This insightful message from Brene Brown on vulnerability and human connection makes some critical points that affect others to lead with honor. The courage to be vulnerable is the new game-changer in leadership and career advancement. Please watch and see if you agree – thank you

The 4C’s of Courageous Accountability Explained

The strong emphasis in Brene Brown’s presentation on vulnerability and human connection has been built into the Courageous Accountability Model created by Lee Ellis in his latest award-winning book, Engage with Honor:

  • The connection between positive accountability and honorable
  • Gripping personal leadership experiences from the Vietnam POW
  • A proven model for creating a positive accountability
  • Practical, step-by-step instructions to help leaders create industry-leading performance and morale.

Learn More about Engage with Honor.

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