FAQ – “What are some things that you see in natural leaders?

A Leading with Honor FAQ – “What are some things that you see in natural leaders? What intangibles in a person make you say, ‘He or she has it.’”

Lee’s Answer – “Regardless of what your personality is, you can be a great leader. It will look different for everyone.  I can show you CEOs who are both introverts and extroverts. I can show you people who are more controlling and take charge as well as some who aren’t, but both can be successful. You take a healthy person who has courage and they can flex a little bit easier.  Can an introvert go out and socialize all day long, no, but they can learn to do it enough to be successful. Can an extroverted person learn to focus and get the mission done? Yes, absolutely.

There are some natural leadership traits that fit certain jobs better, but I think the main thing is you have to be authentic and believe in yourself. You also have to have humility. If you have a solid combination of these things, I believe you will be a great leader. There are situations that require different skills, but in general I would say that you can be a good leader with any personality as long as you have the courage to do what needs to be done.”

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