FAQ on Family Support in Captured by Love

A ‘Captured by Love’ FAQ – “When and how did you and your fellow POWs realize the full impact of the women and families’ contribution to your return home?”

Lee’s Answer – “One thing that people don’t often consider is what our families and wives went through during that time. In many ways, they went through a much more difficult experience than we did as POWs. As POWs, we knew that we were alive and okay, but our families didn’t. My family knew that I was alive when I hit the ground in Vietnam, but they didn’t know whether I was alive or not for two years until they got their first letter from me. And it took two and half years before I got a letter from my family.

“So, they were carrying on at home in our absence. And they were told to keep quiet, at first, by the government. Finally, wives and families pushed back and opened up, thereby allowing the POW-MIA support to come on strong in the U.S. That made a huge difference to us, because it did result in better treatment and eventually a life in the Hanoi Hilton that was more normal.

“We came home in better condition mentally and physically, in large part, because of the strong support that we had back home as they took up our cause. And for that support we had during those years, I’ll forever be grateful.” Read more at

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