Faith and Courage: Close Allies in Authentic Leadership – Watch the Video

Lee speaks on the InTouch program entitled "The Price of Freedom"

Lee speaks on the InTouch program entitled “The Price of Freedom”

Lee Ellis was invited to speak on InTouch with Dr. Charles Stanley recently. In honor of the Independence Day Week, we wanted to share this message with you, too.

In addition to Lee’s strong call to faith and courage as elements of authentic leadership, this segment also features several veterans including Sgt First Class SFC Cedric King who shares an emotional story of his injuries while serving in Afghanistan.

Click the image above to watch, or click here.

Effectively engaging as a courageous leader ultimately requires the elements of respect, love, confidence, hope, and faith. After watching this program, we invite to learn more about the Leading with Honor Courage Challenge that provides free advice, resources, and tools to help you.

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