Endorsements keep coming in for Engage with Honor – See Inside

We’re so grateful for the endorsements that keep coming in for Lee’s latest book, Engage with Honor – need a plan to lead your team with courageous accountability? Check it out where you buy books:

“…Ellis demonstrates that this difference comes from having the character and courage to do the right thing. A must read for all leaders.” – Dr. J. Phillip London, Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board – CACI International Inc

“I believe our country is at one of the most crucial periods in our entire history. Lee’s book represents an important ‘instruction manual’ for righting the ship.” – Bob Littell, Chief NetWeaver – NetWeaving International & The Enrichment Co.

“The latest book by Lee Ellis titled Engage With Honor tackles one of the most important challenges that we face in life and business – accountability. This book can change your life and your leadership at home and in the marketplace.” – Arlin Sorensen, CEO and Founder of Heartland Companies




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