Employee Engagement Checklist – 5 Steps to Better Results

What are some things honorable leaders can do to build relationships and increase employee engagement? Relationship connections are a need of human nature in every generation, and it’s a real stumbling block for strong leaders that don’t understand this fact. 70% of Americans are not arriving at work committed to delivering their best performance.

Here’s a 5-point checklist:

  1. View every person as special and with the talents to make unique and needed contributions to the workplace.
  2. Communicate your belief in others and help them see their potential to make significant contributions by using their talents.
  3. Help them develop their talents and navigate to roles where they can be even more successful.
  4. Connect with their heart by affirming their efforts and contributions. Everyone wants to feel needed, valued, and like they are making an important contribution.
  5. Listen to their ideas and implement them where possible. Every person wants to be heard. For many of us listening is a sacrifice. We have to suffer to stay in the moment and truly hear what the other person is sharing. But the payoff is huge in building a relationship.

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