Leadership Behavior DNA Development and Validation

The Forced Choice Assessment Model is academically proven to be far more accurate in predicting natural behaviors than the Traditional Assessment Formats which use an open ended response system. Here’s an example:

When the DNA Behavior business was conceived, we adopted the “clean sheet of paper” approach to researching and building our behavioral analysis methodology.

This was important given our desire to build a robust system which –

  • Comprehensively measures all dimensions of a person’s talents, performance drivers and personality.
  • Starts with the discovery of a person’s natural, instinctive behavior. Not only do these behaviors indicate one’s natural response to stress and pressure, but it also shows where they can be consistently productive over long time periods when making life, financial, and business decisions.
  • Provides the next generation of reports that could be used to deliver an enhanced framework for human capital management, performance coaching, personal development, customer experience management, financial planning, and family succession.
  • Enables customized lifelong development experiences.

Today, this system is known as the DNA Behavior Discovery Process.

About Hugh Massie and DNA Behavior International

LBDNA was created in partnership with DNA Behavior International. Hugh Massie, DNA Behavior CEO and Founder, established the business in 2001. As an international behavior tech firm, DNA Behavior empowers people using validated people insights for improving decision-making, enhancing relationships, unlocking human potential, and managing business risks. Since commencing business, DNA Behavior services people and organizations in over 123 countries through 11 languages and has 12 proprietary DNA Behavior Discovery Processes.


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