N8Traits Training

N8Traits® is one of the premier assessment services to grow mature, trained leaders in your organization. Many of our clients take the next step and use one or both of the training options below to enhance their objectives –


Facilitated Live and Virtual Training Events


We offer half or whole day training events for your team or staff led by a certified N8Traits trainer. The Leadership Report is the basis for these live or virtual events, and events are customized to meet the specific needs for your organization.

We’ve helped thousands of team members in a variety of industry groups, and they consistently see immediate positive improvements in individual and team morale, transparency, and unity.


Certified Advisor Training








Many of our organizational clients like the accessibility and ease of having an N8Traits Certified Advisor inside their organization. Independent consultants also see the value in providing N8Traits as an important component of their service offering.

  • Are you a Human Resources or Training Professional working in an organization that would like to use N8Traits with all new and tenured staff?
  • Are you an independent consultant that would like to offer N8Traits?


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