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All organizations have the following goals in common. They are to –

The key to achieving all of these goals is having competent leaders and staff.

This scientifically validated service evaluates natural behavior and operating styles using 8 primary factors and 24 sub-factors to clarify an individual’s leadership talents. Simply put, we know how to help you and your team discover their personal leadership style.


The N8Traits Leadership Report

This report and guide is the foundation for all assessment options. It provides accurate, personalized results on –

  • Insights on Leadership Traits
  • Natural Leadership Strengths and Struggles
  • Results vs. Relationships Balance

↓ Download a Sample Leadership Report (PDF)


The N8traits Team Report

This in-depth custom report delivers an integrated look at team member results on the unique behavioral styles of each team member, how they interrelate, and analysis that will help the leader mitigate gaps in team dynamics.

↓ Download a Sample Team Report (PDF)


The N8Traits Comparison Report

This report reveals similarities and differences by graphically comparing the scores of two people and offering communication and relationship keys for each person.

↓ Download the Comparison Report (PDF)


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