Communication Tips for Leaders on the Go

Leaders must learn to reflect on how and when to share their messages with a focus on both the mission/results side and the people/relationship side. It helps to stop and reflect on the following items:


  • What do I need to communicate – for both mission/results and people/relationships?
  • To whom do I need to communicate?
  • When do I communicate?
  • How do I make sure that I know that people have heard—and understand—the message?


Communication is a key anchor to mission and life success, at work and at home. It’s the only way people can become aligned and integrated in their mission and their relationships. In my book Leading with Honor, I devote an entire chapter titled “Overcommunicate the Message.” Then my follow-up book, Engage with Honor, emphasizes communications in several chapters focused on clarifying, connecting, collaborating, and closing out with celebration or confrontation.

This theme has continued in my newest book, Captured by Love, where it’s very clear that communication was essential for good relationships and long-term marriages in these POW romance stories. So, back to the starting point. We must take time to reflect on our communications.

But there is one more challenge for all leaders, and it’s a big one for mission/results/task focused leaders.”

Learn to listen. It is not just about one-way communications–talking or transmitting. You must listen. For most leaders, listening is not easy because it’s not a natural talent/attribute. And many leaders think that since they are the leader, everyone should listen to them; it’s like a one-way street; they don’t have to listen to others. But that’s a huge mistake. First of all, others know lots of things leaders don’t know and second, others may have a different background and different perspective that can be of enormous importance.

Listening also has another extremely important contribution to your leadership- it makes people feel important and valuable when you truly listen to their perspectives. This gives them more confidence and more energy to perform at a higher level. LE

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