College Institution Training Behaviorally Smart Leaders

We’re ecstatic about these comments from a recent Leading with Honor Training Workshop on team behavioral dynamics. Grateful that this college institution is training a new generation of honorable leaders!

  • “Entire presentation from Lee Ellis! He is a fantastic presenter and teacher. The behavioral analysis gave tools on how we can strengthen areas to become a better leader. Also, to better understand others and how to become a better leader with employees who may have a different behavioral analysis than that of ours. The Leadership Behavior Training Guide will be a valuable tool that I will refer to often!”
  • “I’ve been through the MBA program, read countless leadership books, listened to many speakers, videos, you name it. This session finally helped me craft my vision for balancing my goals as a leader. I accomplished this by taking the test, discussing results, asking questions, and realizing the changes I need to make. There was an exchange and a growing of wisdom that occurred in this session.”
  • “By far one of the best and most comprehensive assessments I have gone through. Very useful, tangible information that I can immediately begin to use and implement.”
  • “Discussing the different types of leadership styles, the different traits for each one.  I know it will be helpful as I continue in a leadership role to think about the people I interact with and what their natural style is as well.”
  • “Mr. Ellis’s experience in leadership is very impressive. The LBDNA analysis is something that I will use to continuously improve my behavioral traits as I move forward in my career. I learned many things about myself and identified several areas where my strengths reveal weaknesses that I need to work on consistently to become a better, more balanced leader. This is one of the best leadership training sessions that I have ever attended. Mr. Ellis is an engaging speaker, and his expertise shines through in his training sessions.”
  • “The Leadership Behavior DNA assessment was very useful, but the discussions regarding strengths and struggles and how to maximize our strengths and work on our struggles was the most valuable. It was a great session.”
  • “I was able to identify natural behavior and because of it, I will be better able to articulate my behavioral style and how I tend work to those who work with me.  In knowing my natural behavior, I will be able to improve and lead in areas where it feels at times uncomfortable.  As time comes, hopefully I will be able to shift and adapt in various leadership situations that I encounter.”
  • “It was great to hear from Lee regarding his personal experiences with leadership. I also appreciated the idea behind focusing on individual’s strengths rather than the struggles. As a leader, I plan to try to take those strengths and utilize them to outshine the struggles and to try to teach those with whom I work to do the same.”

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