Coaching Moment – “Fight to Win”

Quick Leading with Honor Coaching Moment – trying to figure out a way to keep going and persevere? If you want to be victorious, you must decide in advance to fight to win.

Smart leaders don’t always select people with the most natural talent. They pick the ones who have the innate behavior and desire to win (also known as a “fire in their belly.”) To win in life, you must want to win and you must fight to win.

In the business context, highly motivated people are said to have “drive,” or perhaps a “pioneering spirit.” Leaders who are driven to win in every undertaking typically manifest the positive personality traits of assertiveness, initiative, desire for achievement, persistence, and ambition. These are good qualities.

Leaders with strong drive get things done. But as in other areas of life, too much of a good thing can be counterproductive. When all of these traits are in play without an awareness and concern for the capabilities and needs of others, watch out! A “driven” leader who is inordinately focused on results can push others into “burnout” rather quickly. A healthy balance of relationship-oriented behaviors is also needed.

Keep going and fight to win!

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