Coaching Clip – The Way to Manage Differences on Your Team

We all know people are unique and different, but what’s the best way to understand and assess these differences to improve team communication and performance?

In this new 4-minute Leading with Honor Coaching clip, Lee Ellis explains how our natural behaviors can be analyzed and used to lead others effectively. Please watch and share with others –

Created in partnership with DNA Behavior International® our experience is anchored in more than 25 years of research and working with Ph.D.’s to develop world-class behavioral assessments that measure the natural talents that are unique to each person.


Read the award-winning book on how to discover natural talents and manage differences


Download a sample report from our 10-minute, validated questionnaire. We use it everyday to train and develop leaders and teams. Request more information on how you can use our assessment in your organization or practice.


Learn more about live and virtual training services are available, or become certified to administer the assessment.



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