Coaching Clip – How to Identify an Honorable Leader

We all know that trust is built over time, and some people are naturally more trusting than others. How can you discern or observe an honorable leader in action? And what are the warning signs of a leader who isn’t honorable?

Lee’s 6-minute coaching advice this month shares some from his early POW experience, career experience, and now coaching experience with other teams. Please watch and share with others –

Team Development with the Courageous Accountability Online Course

With over 20 years training and coaching leaders, we know that the most effective development comes in community. And our mission has shifted toward leaders developing their people—the most efficient way—growing and taking others with them.  

The challenge is that many leaders don’t feel qualified to conduct training, and it’s expensive. The Courageous Accountability Development Course, based on Lee Ellis’ award-winning book, is a practical, hands-on experience that uses the Courageous Accountability Model™ and the Honor Code as the basis to engage and work together.

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