Coaching Article – 6 Immediate Ways that Leaders Can Be Grateful

It’s time to be thankful! In today’s culture it seems that being positive and thankful is not easy to keep “top of mind.” I’ve noticed that most media outlets’ emphasis and tactics are not focused on sharing good news but lean heavily toward using criticism and negative points to attract our attention.

It becomes even more obvious on social media where the click bait headline tries to grab you into opening their story.


“It’s important to guard your mind and heart regarding negativity, because there are tactics created to divide us and intensify our negative biases.” [Tweet This]


Here’s my 4-minute coaching on ways to be grateful as a leader, and then continue reading the article below –

While we’re in this annual season of Thanksgiving, let’s pause, push back, and reflect on our many blessings. Here are some that come to mind for me:

Faith. The Judeo-Christian faith on which our country was founded has been the foundation for our freedom. The essence of Christianity reminds us to live the Ten Commandments and love our neighbor as ourselves, and they’re central to a free and healthy society. I am so thankful that my parents anchored our family in the Christian faith.

Family. Having lots of unconditional love is the foundation for becoming a healthy person. Since no family is perfect, individually none of us are either. Growing up, the love of my biological family and those that adopted me as family were critical to my being the person I am today.

Friends. As humans, we must have good relationships to be healthy. I’ve been blessed throughout my life with so many wonderful friends that have encouraged me and helped me grow for many decades.

Freedom. Because my freedom was taken away for more than five years when I was locked in the cells of the POW camps, this one stands out very clearly to me. I’m thankful that we Americans live in the freest country in the world. Let’s pause to reflect objectively on the brilliant, honorable, and sacrificial work that our founding fathers did to create and sustain this great country.

Finances. I’m amazed at how prosperous we are in America today. Growing up as a country boy in Georgia only 60 years ago, some of our neighbors had no electricity and about 20 percent had no indoor plumbing. Some did not have running water; it was all drawn from a well. Most people did not go on vacations to resorts, and airline travel was only for the military, business leaders, and the very wealthy. Health insurance was almost non-existent. Compare that to today’s affluent culture.

The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is kind of the kickoff for the holiday season. For many, the shopping demons take over and life is a swirl until early January. But let’s all pause these next few weeks to be intentionally thankful. The list above is a good place to start, but I want to add one more that can help us all grow as leaders.

Fate and Good Fortune. Think back over your life history and recall someone who spoke into your life with encouraging words. They brought good fortune to your fate because they helped you believe in yourself. Recall the person, the situation, how you felt, and how it impacted you then and now.

How did it help you grow and become who you are today as a person, family member, teammate, and leader? If you pause and reflect on just one person who did that for you, I think you will see how important encouragement from others is and what a blessing it has been. Be especially thankful for that person this year. If they are still alive, consider reaching out to them and saying, “Thank you,” and sharing the impact they had on you.

If they have passed on, consider how you can give that gift to one of their relatives or someone else that you know needs your encouragement. I hope you will take this challenge and then post your story of how you have been thankful to someone who encouraged you.

Next month we’ll see very specifically the power of encouragement. In the meantime, please know that I’m thankful that you are a follower of Leading with Honor.

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