Celebrating Labor Day – 3 Tips for Working Leaders

During this Labor Day week, Lee shared his thoughts on the holiday and leadership with Andrea Tantaros, political analyst and commentator and co-host on The Fox New Channel’s “The Five”. On her radio show, she and Lee talk about leadership lessons learned in life as well as the POW camps of Vietnam where Lee spent over five years.

Listen to the interview below.

As we celebrate Labor Day, Andrea asks Lee about tips that all workers should remember in the context of Lee’s past experience in the military. He says that there are three foundational tenants of leadership that the military ingrains in their culture – here they are:

1. Character is your bond—keep your word.

2. Be Responsible—finish the work that you were tasked to do, and do it well.

3. Build Your People—give them purpose and training beyond the day-to-day work.

Would you agree that these three attributes are the most important in day-to-day work? Or, do you value other attributes as more important? Listen to this interview, and share your comments –

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