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Lee Ellis – Certified Virtual Speaker

Trusting to hire a virtual speaker for your organization can be risky, but hiring a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) gives you more security and confidence. Lee Ellis has been confirmed as a Certified Virtual Speaker through eSpeakers. Please watch the short clip and ask us about speaking services for your team or organization –  […]

Biography Clip of Colin Powell – Please Watch

This quick 5-minute clip of the first African American U.S. Secretary of State, Colin Powell, is a testament to hard work, determination, and wanting to do things the honorable, right way. Please watch and post your comments too –        

Lee Ellis – Why virtual leadership development is so important right now

Leading with Honor has been grateful to lead and host virtual online events the last few months. We’re seeing great results as teams are getting on board with the goal of leading with honor in their day-to-day work. Thinking about having a virtual keynote presentation for your team or organization? Lee Ellis introduces the idea […]

Video Coaching – “Adapting Your Leadership to Fit All Situations”

Many times, leaders know that they need to adapt their communication and decision-making process depending on any given situation, but they may not know how to do it. In this new leadership coaching clip, Leading with Honor President, Lee Ellis, gives us a simple yet effective model that will any leader adapt regardless of the […]

Video Coaching – “Lessons Learned on the Dangers of Isolation”

For Vietnam POWs, camaraderie was a link to survival during their crucible experience. Lee takes a lesson from this early experience to help leaders and teams today on how to build connection and camaraderie during increased isolation and remote work with the C.A.R.E. Approach. Please watch his coaching message, and then add your comments below […]

Video Coaching – “How to Lead with Courage in a Virtual Team”

Over 47 years ago under the crucible of a Vietnam POW existence, Lee Ellis learned some valuable leadership lessons from his senior leaders that we can apply today in our virtual team environments. Lee offers coaching advice on how to build and bolster your courage and confidence so that you can lead with honor! Please […]

Coaching Clip: How to Ride the Current of Your Strongest Talents

How can you or your team members avoid the pain of natural talents being mis-matched to the wrong job? Lee’s coaching this month focuses specifically on identifying natural talents with the right job and how you, as an honorable leader, can help others do the same. The outcome is fulfillment, performance, results, and better relationships […]

Watch the Short Biography of Frederick Douglass

Have you read or heard about the life of Frederick Douglass? Born into slavery, he gained an education early in life and achieved an amazing collection of accomplishments including an author, advocate for human rights for African Americans and women, preacher, advisor to Presidents Lincoln and Johnson, U.S. Ambassador to the Dominican Republic, and a […]

Coaching Clip – Using the Platinum Rule

This simple yet highly effective rule of leadership isn’t necessarily easy to master, but it’s a worthwhile goal for any leader that wants to be honorable and get increased performance and results. What’s the rule and how do you make it happen? Lee’s coaching this month gives the guidelines for this important tactic. Please watch […]

Watch the Webinar Replay – “The Competitive Advantage of Managing Behavioral Differences”

Watch the replay of the webinar “The Competitive Advantage of Managing Behavioral Differences”. On your own time, learn about harnessing and managing unique people difference to maximize individual, team, and organizational success and productivity. Featured Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie, the co-authors of Leadership Behavior DNA: Discovering Natural Talents and Managing Differences. Click to Register […]

Coaching Clip: Team Cohesion by Understanding Natural Behavior

Differences make a team stronger if teams are composed of the right talents for the mission and if each person understands and accepts those who are different. But as a leader, how do you do it effectively? Lee’s coaching this month offers very practical advice on how to establish relational unity in your leadership role. […]

Coaching Clip: Maximizing Differences to build Trust and Teamwork

It’s human nature and we can’t help it. It’s so easy to focus on behavioral differences in our team rather than what unites us together. But what’s the process for making this change in mindset? Lee’s coaching this month offers very practical advice on how to establish relational unity in your leadership role. Please watch […]

Lee Ellis on Connecting in Leadership

People love this special “connecting” message from Lee. Recorded during one of his keynote presentations, he describes the strong desire that it takes to connect with other people and the astounding results! Please watch and post your comments too – thank you  

Coaching Clip: Two Leadership Struggles that Make You More Confident

As people and leaders, we naturally gravitate to focus on our strengths at the expense of ignoring our struggles. Based on Lee’s years of leadership coaching and consulting, he challenges this tendency by sharing some tips to naturally balance both areas to become a more confident, honorable leader. Please watch this month’s Leading with Honor […]

Coaching Clip – Refining Situational Awareness in Leadership

Situational Awareness is a tactic that many leaders eventually learn by trial and error, but Lee’s latest coaching clip closes the gap on refining this important leadership skill. This is the most frequently addressed topic that Lee provides in his coaching and consulting. Please watch it below. Please watch this month’s Leading with Honor Coaching […]

Coaching Clip – “Developing Millennial Professionals”

In this segment of leadership coaching from Lee Ellis, he shares how to develop millennial professionals in the new age of leadership through the concept “leaders developing leaders”. When we learn and apply this foundational leadership attribute, our opportunity for long-term success grows. Also, check out the full visual presentation on this topic on our […]