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Coaching Clip – Humble Leadership Confidence

How can leaders wanting to do the right thing daily overcome the concept that humble confidence isn’t weakness? Author and leadership coach, Lee Ellis, explains how to re-train your perspective regardless of your natural behavioral style and emerge as the leader that others want to follow. Read and watch more Leading with Honor Coaching in […]

Today in Leadership History for January 17th

On this day in leadership history, Inventor and Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, was born in 1706. Here’s a brief clip showing the progression and accomplishments in his life – please watch        

Coaching Clip: Going Against the Herd—How to Know Your Core Identity

When you’re faced with new challenges as a leader, the foundation of knowing yourself will give you sure footing to weather the storm of decisions and directives. In the new 3-minute coaching clip, Lee explains how we train leaders everyday to hone their self-awareness so that they’re not swept away with the herd mentality of […]

Coaching Clip – The Honorable Way to Keep Your Leadership Commitments

Can you feel it? Not only has 2020 been a year for leaders to grow, adapt, and change, but now we’re in the holiday season. Making and keeping commitments with others becomes even more critical, but how do you do it in an honorable way? Lee’s 4-minute coaching this month offers some valuable advice on […]

Free Webinar Replay on the Quandary of Leadership

In this latest interactive webinar series, Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie were joined by – Raellyn Kovich — an executive and team development coach and owner of Kovich Strategies. Robin Rand — CEO of the Gary Sinise Foundation and retired four-star General serving active duty in the United States Air Force for over 40 years. […]

Coaching Clip: Learning the Loose-Tight Method of Leadership

Knowing and using your behavioral talents and strengths isn’t enough anymore. Innovative leaders must understand this method of thinking and leading to grow. Watch my 6-minute coaching clip this month to see how to build the courage to adopt this mindset with your team or organization. (video won’t play? Watch it here.) Also, read the […]

Coaching Clip – How to Balance Humble Confidence as a Leader

In this segment of leadership coaching from Lee Ellis, he shares the important leadership principle of finding the humble confidence balance as an honorable leader. When we learn and apply this foundational leadership attribute, our opportunity for long-term success grows.  Want to go deeper on this topic? Get Lee’s book, Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons […]

Video – Living and Leading with Courage

In this leadership coaching clip from earlier this year, Lee reminds and encourages us on the topic of courage. For many of us, the year 2020 has required more courage than we’ve ever needed. And his definition of courage may surprise you. Please watch and be inspired by his message: The Primer for Courage In […]

Free Webinar Replay on Adaptive Leadership

In this latest interactive webinar series, Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie were joined by –  Donna Peters, Founder of The Me-Suite, Faculty & Leadership Coach at Emory MBA, and former Senior Partner and Accenture, and Ralph de le Vega, Chairman of the De La Vega group, former Vice Chairman of AT&T Inc., and the author […]

Biography Clip – Johnny Cash

In this 1-minute Biography clip, singer and musician Johnny Cash explains how a life experience shaped how he wrote music. A great reminder for all honorable leaders to allow life experiences to help shape and inspire how to live and work for the good of themselves and those around them!          

Coaching Clip: When a Competitive Spirit Gets Out of Hand

Having a competitive spirit is usually a positive attribute in our culture. But when it’s the all-important goal at the expense of truth, it reminds of my Vietnam POW captors. Watch my 4-minute coaching clip to see how honorable leaders can combat this dangerous trend. (video won’t play? Watch this alternate clip.) Also, read the […]

Undaunted and Unafraid: Developing Honorable Courage for Our Times

Everyday we need courage to live and lead honorably. In this segment of leadership coaching from Lee Ellis, he share an inspiring personal story of a team of women that effectively changed U.S. national policy that helped enable him and his comrades to return home from their imprisonment as Vietnam POWs. Please watch and share […]

Coaching Clip – Leadership Growth Advice with Newton’s Laws

Inertia and entropy. Two of Newton’s laws that are dangerous for any leader who wants to grow and innovate. How do you break the power of these laws in everyday life and work? Lee’s new 5-minute Leading with Honor coaching clip this month shares a couple of examples and his advice on conquering them for […]

Webinar Free Replay – How to Be a Resilient Leader During A Crisis

Webinar Free Replay with Lee Ellis and Commander Mary Kelly USN (ret) on the topic of “How to Be a Resilient Leader During A Crisis”. Please watch this recent online event with our compliments, and post your comments and feedback below – Purchase your copy of Leadership Behavior DNA that they mention during this interview–available in […]

Free Webinar Replay – “Hiring the Best Talent”

Free Webinar Replay – in this latest game show-style online event, Hugh Massie and Lee Ellis presented several hiring scenarios and how DNA Behavior’s 8 Factors clearly reveal the best choices. Watch and hear in-depth, exclusive insight on how to hire and promote others using behavioral insights. Two special offers were mentioned in this online […]

Leadership Mentorship – Lee Ellis True Story

Want to know the most natural ways to be a leader mentor? Lee shares a very personal part of his mentorship journey from one of his past leaders, Col Dick O’Grady USAF (Ret) (1937-2018). Please also post your mentorship tips too –        

Coaching Clip – How to Refine Your Leadership Discernment

Whether you’re listening to the news, reading social media, or navigating through organizational culture, leadership discernment is needed now more than ever. What are the 3 things that Lee recommends that all leaders do as they watch and listen? Watch this brief 3-minute Leading with Honor Coaching video – (video won’t play? Click this link […]

Coaching Clip – The Paradox of Leadership and New Mindsets

Need a quick leadership tip? Watch as Lee Ellis shares the important leadership principle of adopting new mindsets and successfully leading in paradoxical settings. Sign up to received monthly coaching in your inbox – Click for Free Registration            

Video Coaching – How to Lead with Honor in Race Relations

If you’re like most of the Leading with Honor tribe, we know that diversity and inclusion is an important mindset for successful leaders and teams. In this month’s coaching clip, Lee demonstrates how we can do this effectively and with authenticity – please watch   (If the video window doesn’t work, please watch it here.) […]