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Coaching Clip – How to Lead with Unifying vs Divisive Attitudes

Whether it’s our culture at-large or your own team, unity should be a goal for all honorable leaders in word and deed. When you’re faced with multiple, potentially divisive challenges, how can you pull people together for a common goal? Lee’s 5-minute coaching advice this month shares some from his early POW experience, career experience, […]

Coaching Article – 7 Ways to Declare Freedom from Division

Are boundaries a good thing, or are they restrictive? And what should be our courageous stance as leaders on this topic? Before we answer, let’s look back in time. July is the special month when we celebrate our nation’s independence, because it recognizes the monumental event when our Continental Congress declared independence from England. Most […]

Coaching Clip – Finding the Courage to Create Change

Perhaps you’re delaying the need to make a courageous personal or professional decision. Or maybe you’re a next gen leader who’s delaying that education or career choice. In this archive Leading with Honor Coaching Clip, Lee gives us advice on finding the courage to create change. Please watch and be encouraged –      

Coaching Clip – How to Help Next Gen Leaders Make Good Choices

In this season of next generation leaders either graduating or starting a new career, there are some important choices that need to be made. What are the most important choices to consider as a future leader? And how can veteran leaders advise them? Lee offers his valuable advice based on his past experience assessing, training, […]

New Interview: How to Over-Communicate in Leadership

In this new interview with Dr Bill Lampton, Lee explains why leaders must over-communicate to personal and organizational leadership goals. This is one of the foundational principles in the Lee’s award-winning book, Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton.      

Coaching Clip – The Way to Manage Differences on Your Team

We all know people are unique and different, but what’s the best way to understand and assess these differences to improve team communication and performance? In this new 4-minute Leading with Honor Coaching clip, Lee Ellis explains how our natural behaviors can be analyzed and used to lead others effectively. Please watch and share with […]

Webinar Replay – “The Behavioral Management Game Show”

In this latest interactive webinar series, “The Behavioral Management Game Show – How to Manage Yourself and Others”, we hosted another fun gameshow format while learning to adapt your behavioral management style to manage yourself and others. Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie helped us sharpen our skills with their advice and experience. Please watch and […]

Watch Lee’s Interview on American History TV

Lee’s Veterans History Project Interview was broadcast last weekend on the American History TV network on intimate details of his POW experience as well as military and business careers. Watch it on the American History TV network by clicking on the video image below –      

Coaching Clip – Work-Life Balance Advice for Leaders and Teams

Many times, the demands of leadership and team performance can create an imbalance in our work-life balance. In this new 4-minute Leading with Honor Coaching clip, Lee Ellis reveals a new study he read recently on employee burnout and how to lead in a healthier way. Please watch and share with others – (Video not […]

Video FAQ on Honor and Ethics

In this 3-minute video clip with Leading with Honor Founder and President, Lee Ellis, and Director of Learning, Eddie Williams, they answer the question of honor as it relates to character, integrity, and ethics. Please watch and share! You can also read and watch more FAQs at      

Coaching Clip – The What and Why of Leadership Discipline

In this segment of leadership coaching from Lee Ellis, he shares how to leadership discipline uniquely distinguishes yourself from other leaders. When we learn and apply this foundational leadership attribute, our opportunity for long-term success grows.  Also read the article on this topic – “Better Leadership Discipline in 4 Steps”    

Coaching Clip – Getting Back to Leadership Basics—Becoming Golden

With all the leadership responsibilities and demands on us as honorable leaders, it’s a smart and necessary idea to go back to basics with one central idea. In this month’s 5-minute coaching clip, he tells us how to consistently “be golden” every day. Please watch and share with others – (Video not playing? Watch it […]

Webinar Replay – “Understand Me! Assessing the Behavioral Dynamics of Family Relationships”

In this latest interactive webinar series, we took an intentional turn to focus on using DNA Behavior to assess family relationships. Whether it’s a marriage, parent/child relationship, or extended family relationships, awareness of human behavioral factors and traits can create even more intimacy and open communication on love, commitment, finances, and more. Hugh Massie and […]

Coaching Clip – Inspirational Models of Leading by Example

For all the myriad of advice and materials on leadership development available today, the fundamental goal should be to lead by example. But let’s be specific—what exactly does leading by example look like? And how best to do it with honor? Lee’s new 5-minute coaching clip this month shares his advice based his research and […]

Coaching Clip – Humble Leadership Confidence

How can leaders wanting to do the right thing daily overcome the concept that humble confidence isn’t weakness? Author and leadership coach, Lee Ellis, explains how to re-train your perspective regardless of your natural behavioral style and emerge as the leader that others want to follow. Read and watch more Leading with Honor Coaching in […]

Today in Leadership History for January 17th

On this day in leadership history, Inventor and Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin, was born in 1706. Here’s a brief clip showing the progression and accomplishments in his life – please watch        

Coaching Clip: Going Against the Herd—How to Know Your Core Identity

When you’re faced with new challenges as a leader, the foundation of knowing yourself will give you sure footing to weather the storm of decisions and directives. In the new 3-minute coaching clip, Lee explains how we train leaders everyday to hone their self-awareness so that they’re not swept away with the herd mentality of […]