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Marcus Buckingham on flourishing

“Tough without the love is just brutality.” Wise words from Marcus Buckingham on this ongoing Leading with Honor topic of life paradox—that is, the ability to be both tough and […]

Leading with Honor Speaking

I have the honor of speaking around the country to audiences with an inspiring message of courage, resilience, teamwork, and leadership from my career as a former Vietnam POW, military […]

Celebrating Lee’s POW Release Today

Every year, I stop and intentionally celebrate the anniversary of regaining freedom from my POW experience, and here’s some silent footage during my release. My group of POWs in Vietnam […]

Listening in Leadership – A Coaching Clip

Listening in Leadership – watch my honest (and funny) advice on the topic. And please share with others!     #courage #leadership #accountability #employeeengagement #leadershipbehavior #teamdevelopment #buildingculture #keynotespeaker

Special Event Invitation on Sat Jan 13th

Special Livestream Invitation on Sat, Jan 13th @ 4pm – I’ll be at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. attending “A Celebration of Character & Courage: Vietnam War 50th” that […]