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A Connecting Idea for Your Team – See Inside

One of Lee’s most effective ideas as a leader is to create a printed page or wall hanging with each direct report’s picture, name, title, spouse’s name, current projects, development goals, and more. This is just one idea to better connect as an honorable leader in his book, Engage with Honor. Check it out in […]

Moving Too Fast to Learn? This May Help – See Inside

Are you moving fast everyday like most leaders? Taking those opportunities to learn while you travel and work is time well-spent! Lee narrates all 14 leadership lessons learned in the POW camps in the ‘Leading with Honor’ Audio Book – Order from Amazon either on CD or your subscription. Listen to a sample chapter. […]

Buy Both Lee Ellis Books Together and Save – See Inside

Both of Lee Ellis’ latest books compliment each other perfectly for leaders that want to read for personal or professional development. So we’ve create a 2-Book Combo Package that contains 1 – Leading with Honor Hardcover book and 1 – Engage with Honor Hardcover book. Buy both together and save 20 percent in our Online […]

Self-Study Group Training Offer for 2018

Lee’s coaching tip for all leaders is the need for a balance between results and relationships. To help in 2018, we’ve created Leading with Honor Self-Study Group Training that allows you and your team to go through each of the 14 leadership lessons and build relationships at the same time. A Leader Guide and Participant […]

Leading with Honor

Save 20% instantly when you but 10 ‘Leading with Honor’ books

Save 20% instantly when you but 10 Leading with Honor books in our Online Store. In this powerful and practical book, Lee Ellis, a former Air Force pilot, candidly talks about his five and a half years of captivity and the 14 key leadership principles behind this amazing story. An award-winning recommended gify for the  […]

What’s your Natural Leadership Behavior?

Is your natural leadership behavior an initiator? Maybe you’re more of a strategist? Or you prefer to be a quiet, reflective thinker. Get a FREE snapshot of your natural leadership behavior with the ‘Leading with Honor Discovery Report’ – Register Here and let us know what you think!      

Do you need a meaningful way to say “Thank You”?

Do you need a meaningful way to say “Thank You” to staff, clients, or customers this season? Leading with Honor reminder cards are a thoughtful way to encourage and inspire others. Several, great low-cost options available in our Online Store – Shop Now    

10-Piece Toolkit to Help You Engage in the Leadership Battle

A 10-Piece Toolkit to Help You Engage in the Leadership Battle – this month, save more than 20% off publisher’s retail on all Leading with Honor products and receive 10 additional leadership tools when you buy books from our online store! Check out the details in the Online Store, and please consider Leading with Honor […]

Leading with Honor Reader Testimonial

So grateful for testimonies like this one from a ‘Leading with Honor’ reader – “Great lessons about leadership and resiliency coupled with the endured hardships from being a POW. Lee Ellis did a tremendous job drawing opportunities to learn, grow and develop in multiple facets from such dire circumstances. Highly recommend this book and I […]

Leading with Honor Group Training from Lee Ellis

Saying Thanks with Leading with Honor

Say thank you this season by giving ‘Leading with Honor’ to other leaders. Save 20% of more when our bulk savings packages – Shop in our Online Store for details.      

Leading with Honor Group Training from Lee Ellis

Leading with Honor Group Training – Save an Extra 20% for a Limited Time

Looking for a personal or team leadership development study? Leading with Honor Group Training takes you step-by-step through each of the 14 lessons learned in the POW camps of Vietnam. From now through October 31st, take an extra 20% off using coupon code “HONOR14” during checkout. Shop in our Online Store –    

Updated Training Tools in the Online Store!

  Updated Leading with Honor items in the Online Store! We have reminder cards, courage challenge cards, wristbands, and more to use as inspirational training tools with your team or staff. Purchase in the Online Store.      

Leading with Honor Training

25 Years Experience in Training and Consulting – See Inside

Did you know that Leading with Honor offers training services for your team or organization? We have more than 25 years experience in the research, development, and deployment of human behavior assessments and have used them daily focused exclusively on leadership for the past 20 years. We help clients break away from old barriers, learn […]

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The Muscle Memory of Leadership Development

You must equip yourself with the “muscle memory” to lead with honor before it’s needed. We can help with Leading with Honor training products – bulk savings packages available for team development. Up to 30% off publisher’s retail everyday – Visit the Online Store for details.      

We love ‘Leading with Honor’ reader comments like this one!

We love ‘Leading with Honor’ reader comments like this one!  – “This book was one I heard talked about on the Jocko Podcast and one that I took to the beach with me. Once I started the book, it was hard to put down. His lessons from being a POW translate beautifully (albeit not as […]

Virtual Book Clubs – Special Bulk Book Offer

Several Engage with Honor readers are using Lee’s latest book for team development or virtual book clubs. If you want copies for your group, save 20% with our 10-Book Package in our Online Store. Purchase copies in the Online Store.                

Leading with Honor - Training with Lee Ellis

The Old vs New Way of Training

The old way of training and development was focused on competencies through traditional development programs. The new way to truly engage and develop your team comprises that methodology that is –  (1) Flexible enterprise-wide solutions (2) Applicable to all business divisions (3) Peer-Driven facilitation (4) Customized to the individual With Leading with Honor‘s focus on […]

Fantastic Training Testimonial – See Inside

Leading with Honor is so grateful for training testimonials like this one – it’s why we’re in the business of developing honorable leaders! – “A fellow LBDNA Certified Trainer and I just completed a Leadership Behavior DNA Training and Debrief with 43 military recruiting leaders, and we got a standing ovation when we finished. This […]