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Fantastic Endorsement

We’re so grateful for these kind words from one of our clients in the aviation industry about his team’s recent experience with our Courageous Accountability online training course – “My […]

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Purchase the award-winning books from Lee Ellis and FreedomStar Media in one package. Leading with Honor outlines the 14 leadership lessons learned along with dramatic stories from the POW camps […]

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Over 200 ratings on Amazon for Lee’s book ‘Leading with Honor’ – check them out below. If you bought Leading with Honor on Amazon, would you also be willing to […]

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We often hear how much people enjoy the audio book narrated by Lee Ellis entitled “Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton.” Pick up a CD copy in […]

Learn How to Lead Based on Differences

Every human is unique — and the best leaders know why this might be an advantage. Learn how embracing different talents and abilities, both our own and those of others, […]

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Have you ever visited the Leading with Honor Online Store? From audio to books to training guides, we have solutions for your team’s leadership development. Savings packages are available too, […]

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Graduation season is here, and Leading with Honor wants to help you celebrate and gift these young leaders with future wisdom! Experience gripping stories from the Vietnam POW camps and […]