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Thank you Coastal Neurological Institute, P.C. for your kind words

Thank you Jerry Golden, Chief Administrative Officer at the Coastal Neurological Institute, P.C. for your kind words about Lee and the Leading with Honor – it was an honor to serve you and your organization – “Col Ellis spoke/taught at our state conference for the Alabama Medical Group Managers Association, and the response from our […]

Randolph Air Force Base at Sunset

This is sunset at Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. Shown are the Taj Mahal and the American flag, symbols of this famous base from the 1930s. It was the West Point of the air in World War II, and it’s where I did much of my flying.  Always like to go back to this historical […]

The Lewis Energy Private Museum of World War II Airplanes

Have you ever visited the Lewis Energy Private Museum of World War II airplanes in San Antonio? This is the P-39 Airacobra, the first airplane that I experienced as a 5-year old child. This plane was my first memory of becoming interested in flying when I saw it in person. Fun Fact: it’s the only […]

2018 Freedom Flyer Reunion – Pictures Inside

Last week, I was at Randolph Air Force Base on March 22 and 23 for a Freedom Flyers Reunion. Freedom Flyers are comprised of U.S. Air Force POWs who returned to flying status and requalified in 1973-1974. I was fortunate to be among that group, and my call sign was Freedom 34. This year, we […]

CSPs – a small but esteemed group of professionals

Trusting to hire someone else for your organization can be risky, but hiring a CSP (Certified Speaking Professionals) gives you more security and confidence. What is a CSP and why do only 1.5% of speakers worldwide have this designation? Please check out this link on our website.   Learn more about Lee Ellis keynote speaking.   […]

Fantastic Endorsement from NAVAIR Leadership Development

Very grateful for endorsements like this one from James Ward @ NAVAIR Leadership Development Programs Office, about the Leading with Honor message – “One of the Naval Air Systems Command Leadership Development Program’s keystone events is our leadership speaker series where we invite leaders with vast experience into the classroom to speak to our mid-to-senior […]

Happy 45th Anniversary Operation Homecoming!

On March 14, 1973, my POW cell mates and I went to a storage room and picked up a shirt, slacks, and our first pair of shoes in more than five years. I looked over at Jim Warner and asked, “Jim is this the day?” He smiled with a big grin and replied, “Yes Leon, […]

On This Day in Leadership History, February 25th

On this day in leadership history in 1837, Thomas Davenport patented the first commercial electrical motor. There was no practical electrical distribution system available and Davenport went bankrupt. The leadership lesson? Timing is critical. An honorable leader seeks the wisdom to know when to move or wait, spend or save, motivate or challenge. Thomas Davenport […]

Testimonial from SPESA (Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas)

So grateful for these kind words from Benton Gardner, President, SPESA (Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas) about the Leading with Honor message – “One of the primary reasons for the success of [SPESA’s Executive Conference] was Lee’s participation. As one of our attendees said, ‘The meeting opened with a speaker who engaged […]

Honoring Former POW Leo Thorsness Today

Today Col. Leo Thorsness USAF (1932-2017), one of America’s great heroes will be honored and laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery. Leo not only served courageously as a six year POW in Vietnam, but also was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his courageous airmanship as a fighter pilot, leading air strikes over Hanoi. […]

Lee Ellis Swat Interview

Kind Words for the Leading with Honor Message

So thankful for these comments from Executive Advisor & Coach, Dean Harbry – “Lee Ellis is one of the most insightful people I know when it comes to leadership and management and how those principles work with the different personality styles and behaviors. He is also an excellent communicator who helps people like me to […]

Comment about the Leading with Honor Message

Thank you Tom Cramer, Founder & Co-Chairman of The Brain Trust, for your kind words about the Leading with Honor message – “The content and delivery of your [Leading with Honor] presentation was wonderful. Of particular value to me, I came to understand the importance of confidence with humility, the power of listening and the […]

Self-Study Group Training Offer for 2018

Lee’s coaching tip for all leaders is the need for a balance between results and relationships. To help in 2018, we’ve created Leading with Honor Self-Study Group Training that allows you and your team to go through each of the 14 leadership lessons and build relationships at the same time. A Leader Guide and Participant […]

Thank you, Georgia Lt Governor Casey Cagle, for your kind words

Thank you, Georgia Lt Governor Casey Cagle, for your kind words about Lee Ellis the Engage with Honor message – “In Engage with Honor, Lee provides vivid testimonies that words alone seldom capture, but which equipped him with a unique and deeper understanding of the essential qualities of leadership. He challenges his audience to strengthen […]

Woodward Academy Veterans Day Memorial Program

Lee was honored to share the Leading with Honor message at the 2017 Woodward Academy Veterans Day Memorial Program in the Atlanta area recently. Dr Stuart Gulley, President of Woodward Academy, shared these kind words after the presentation – “It was our great honor to have Col. Lee Ellis on our campus as the keynote […]

Generous Endorsement from Duke Energy Corporation

Thank you, Shannon Todd – Director of Environmental Services Carolinas, Duke Energy Corporation – for your generous endorsement of Lee and Leading with Honor – “Colonel Ellis spoke to my team during a recent strategic planning session, and he did a great job linking the key elements of the Courageous Accountability Model with his experience […]

Leading with Honor Reader Testimonial

So grateful for testimonies like this one from a ‘Leading with Honor’ reader – “Great lessons about leadership and resiliency coupled with the endured hardships from being a POW. Lee Ellis did a tremendous job drawing opportunities to learn, grow and develop in multiple facets from such dire circumstances. Highly recommend this book and I […]