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Coaching Article – 3 Leadership Attributes to Get Through Hard Times

Have you ever witnessed a leader keep a positive, caring influence intact amidst the harshest conditions? I often write and speak about the great leaders that we had in the Vietnam POW camps and how their positive, caring influence helped us to endure years of hardship and isolation and return with honor. Great leaders build […]

Coaching Article – 4 Steps to Re-Ignite a Strong Work Culture

By Lee Ellis When you feel helpless to create change around you, it’s time to re-think and be aware of the areas that you do have influence. Recently, I’ve mentioned my concern about our national culture and the growing fractures and splits we are seeing. This month, it’s time to take culture down to the […]

Coaching Article – The Key Leadership Ingredient

Recently in preparation for a speaking event with a group of Air Force senior leaders, I reviewed two key documents issued in 2020 by the incoming Chief of Staff USAF General C. Q. Brown. I also listened to a podcast interview with him about his approach to leadership, and then I met him at the […]

Coaching Article – 7 Ways to Declare Freedom from Division

Are boundaries a good thing, or are they restrictive? And what should be our courageous stance as leaders on this topic? Before we answer, let’s look back in time. July is the special month when we celebrate our nation’s independence, because it recognizes the monumental event when our Continental Congress declared independence from England. Most […]

Coaching Article – The Key Differentiator in 21st Century Leadership

By Lee Ellis Have you ever thought why did it take so long to put wheels on luggage? (Perhaps if you are under 30 you assumed luggage had always had wheels.) In my and Hugh Massie’s recent book, Leadership behavior DNA: Discovering Natural Talents and Managing Differences, the Preface describes how there are often more […]

Coaching Article – Two Ways Leaders Can Become Golden

The Golden Rule appears in seven major religions in the world as well as most societal cultures. Most of us know it from our religious training, but it’s also quite intuitive if you care at all about other people. It seems like an obvious and simple rule to guard our character, but it’s also quite […]

Coaching Article – What Does “Leaders Go First” Really Mean? Two Attributes

The frequent torture and abuse were indescribable, but they consistently met the challenge and bounced back. To this day, their example inspires me. I’m referring to our senior leaders in the crucible of the Vietnam POW camps. When the going got tough, their character and behaviors set the example that inspired and influenced the rest […]

Coaching Article – 7 Leadership Steps to Keep Your Promises (or Fail Fast)

I had already broken three promises, and the day wasn’t over yet! I was participating in an event specifically on the topic of self-governance and reliable follow-through, and in the heat of the moment I made some commitments that I couldn’t keep. While they were small things that others may not have remembered, they still […]

Coaching Article – The Loose-Tight Leadership Mindset

How many times have you heard from others in 2020, “You need to adapt”? If there ever was a time during which we’ve had to adapt, it’s been this year! Let’s continue talking about it but from a different angle that I think you’ll appreciate. The “loose-tight” leadership principle isn’t necessarily a new concept, as […]

Deceit and Duplicity – The Two-Headed Monster of Politics

Having a competitive spirit is usually a positive attribute in our culture. Whether in work, life, or play, we’re hard-wired to face competition with strength, tenacity, and the goal of winning. It’s the American way, but unfortunately, for many, winning has become the supreme, all-important goal!    As we approach this very important 2020 election, […]

Coaching Article – How Innovative Leaders are Breaking Newton’s Laws

Everywhere I turn I hear people talking about the need to increase performance via new processes and/or raising employee engagement. Great ideas, but change and growth must start with leaders first, and that’s a nasty proposition for many leaders who have done the same thing for most of their careers. For the last four decades, […]

How to Discern a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: 3 Leadership Tips

Have you ever noticed that things are not as they seem? The deeper context of some recent volatile situations brings to mind the powerful image in the age-old statement about the wolf in sheep’s clothing. It came to me again this morning as I was doing a weekly reading in Essays on Ethics by Rabbi […]

How Leaders Can Engage Dialogue in Race Relations

The expression “Hindsight is 2020” now seems to be a two-edged sword that will cut into history for generations and perhaps centuries to come. We are all part of this watershed year that will determine the course of our culture and country. The Year of Change First it was the COVID-19 Coronavirus that caused us […]

2 Ways Honorable Leaders Can Adapt Quickly

In the childhood fable, The Tortoise and the Hare, the story ends with “slow and steady wins the race.” Does it really? As leaders, we’ve been bombarded the last few months with fast changes that require the ability to adapt quickly. It’s in seasons like this one that steady and consistent are our foes. And […]

Monthly Coaching – How Leaders Do the C.A.R.E. Approach

What’s the one thing that leaders and teams want right now more than anything else? It was confirmed to me again recently during a distance learning webinar that we presented for over 100 participants. I asked the following question, “From a professional perspective when reflecting on the last few weeks, what has been your biggest […]

4 Courageous Leadership Principles for Difficult Times

Consistently leading with honor is a challenge in good times but requires much more in difficult times. Two of my last three books have been based around leadership lessons learned during my early years as a Vietnam POW. In that crucible, our leaders proved their mettle. Senior POW leaders like Risner, Stockdale, and Denton were […]

Coaching Article: Jumpstart Your Leadership Talents – Find Your Strengths

By Lee Ellis You’re a very talented person. I hope you know that. But you’re not alone. Everyone has talents. The specific challenge is to discover them and then pursue and develop the ones that you’re passionate about using. In professional sports, teams spend a lot of time and money assessing the talents of candidates […]