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Celebrating Lee’s POW Release Today

Every year, I stop and intentionally celebrate the anniversary of regaining freedom from my POW experience, and here’s some silent footage during my release. My group of POWs in Vietnam […]

A Surprise Reunion from Vietnam

I had a surprise reunion recently with these two special people, Sy and Nga. They grew up in the southern part of North Vietnam, where we were bombing everyday during […]

River Rats Reunion Video Clip

Last weekend, I made my singing debut at the River Rat Fighter Pilot 50th Real Reunion (RRVA) Banquet with the “Ladies for Liberty”. They were singing Happy Trails to you […]

A Special Message on National POWMIA Day

On National POWMIA Day, we remember the brave Americans throughout history who were captured by the enemy or are still missing and unaccounted for. In addition to my short video […]

Two American Heroes at the EAA

Last week, I spent a couple of days at the EAA annual AirVenture in Oshkosh WI. This annual event is beyond anything one could imagine–more that 600,000 expected to attend […]