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Video Coaching – “How to Lead with Courage in a Virtual Team”

Over 47 years ago under the crucible of a Vietnam POW existence, Lee Ellis learned some valuable leadership lessons from his senior leaders that we can apply today in our virtual team environments. Lee offers coaching advice on how to build and bolster your courage and confidence so that you can lead with honor! Please […]

Conquering COVID-19 with Honorable Leadership

As you’re continuing to change and adapt to this COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak season, Leading with Honor is looking for ways to serve you. Please check this new webpage below filled with wisdom, tools, and options that you can use immediately as you lead others. Lee also offers 5 over-arching insights of leadership wisdom gained during […]

New Webinar Event – Watch the Free Replay

Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie just hosted and recorded the latest Webinar Interactive Series, and we invite you and your team to watch for personal and professional growth. They answered our questions on how natural behavior is used to predict and manage team dynamics. When a team understands one another and chooses to embrace differences, […]

New Podcast Interview – Encouragement from the POW Camps

Coming out from a traumatic event fosters many negative memories. However, prisoner of war Lee Ellis used the situation to his advantage and created something good out of it – helping people become great leaders through his experiences while held captive. With his stories from war, he narrates how he learned how to lead himself […]

Coaching Clip: How to Ride the Current of Your Strongest Talents

How can you or your team members avoid the pain of natural talents being mis-matched to the wrong job? Lee’s coaching this month focuses specifically on identifying natural talents with the right job and how you, as an honorable leader, can help others do the same. The outcome is fulfillment, performance, results, and better relationships […]

Coaching Clip – Using the Platinum Rule

This simple yet highly effective rule of leadership isn’t necessarily easy to master, but it’s a worthwhile goal for any leader that wants to be honorable and get increased performance and results. What’s the rule and how do you make it happen? Lee’s coaching this month gives the guidelines for this important tactic. Please watch […]

3 Quick Tips for Better Team Dynamics

Differences make a team stronger if teams are composed of the right talents for the mission and if each person understands and accepts those who are different. They will play a critical role in the success of the team if they’re accepted and appreciated for their different talents. As you have probably already noticed at […]

Coaching Clip: Team Cohesion by Understanding Natural Behavior

Differences make a team stronger if teams are composed of the right talents for the mission and if each person understands and accepts those who are different. But as a leader, how do you do it effectively? Lee’s coaching this month offers very practical advice on how to establish relational unity in your leadership role. […]

How I Discovered Patience While Growing my Business

Great article from one of my favorite organizations, CEO Netweavers, entitled “How I Discovered Patience While Growing my Business”. I hope this success story will inspire all honorable leaders in the new year. Please read on this CEO Netweavers website and post your feedback and wisdom too – thank you    

Lee Ellis FAQ – Lessons Learned?

A Leading with Honor Frequently Asked Question – “During the Vietnam War, after 53 missions in enemy territory, your plane was hit. You managed to parachute to safety but landed in a field of Vietnamese snipers and were captured, subsequently being held prisoner for more than five years. What lessons did you learn from such […]

Quick Advice on Building Team Unity

Some quick advice on building teamwork unity from Leading with Honor: There is an art and a science to leading teams –   The art of leading others must consider the impact of individual differences such as our mindsets, habits, values, emotions, baggage and natural talents and behaviors. These are just a few of the […]

Lee Ellis Interview – Top Business Leaders

Do you have an idea for a book or message that you’d like to share? Recently, Lee was interviewed on the “Top Business Leaders” podcast on how he developed his award-winning book, Leading with Honor. Great interview on tips to help the aspiring author or speaker—please listen on the Top Business Leaders website or click […]

Coaching Clip: Maximizing Differences to build Trust and Teamwork

It’s human nature and we can’t help it. It’s so easy to focus on behavioral differences in our team rather than what unites us together. But what’s the process for making this change in mindset? Lee’s coaching this month offers very practical advice on how to establish relational unity in your leadership role. Please watch […]

3 Gotta-do-it tips to lead better in the frenzy of the holiday season

3 Gotta-do-it tips to lead better in the frenzy of the holiday season – to lead with more authentic impact, we need to be givers every day of the year in three specific areas: personhood, performance, and potential. Give affirmation. This is about personhood. We all want to count, to be valued, to know that […]

2 Areas of Leadership Struggle and How to Conquer Them

Think it’s only good to focus on your strengths as a leader? Think again. Managing struggles is just as important. When identifying and determining personal struggles, we categorize them into two main groups –   Lack of Talent. For example, accounting requires accuracy and detail, while outside sales requires a talent for being a spontaneous […]

Coaching Clip with Dee Ann Turner – Leadership Clarity

In this interview clip, Lee and retired Chick-Fil-A Vice-President, Dee Ann Turner, discuss their lessons learned as it relates to leadership clarity and how we can apply a few tips to improve team dynamics and performance. Please watch this month’s Leading with Honor Coaching – (you can expand the video below to full-screen) After watching, […]

Quick Advice on Launching a Connection with Your Team

Are you an honorable leader seeking a stronger connection with your team? How could you be a “launcher” who impacts and influences another person’s career? Dr. Richard Boyatzis shows conclusively that relationship connections help people create change that is holistic and sustainable.   We’re excited because now we can better understand and be even more […]

Coaching Clip – The Soft Skill of Connecting with the Heart

In this interview clip, Lee and board advisor and speaker, Tony Mitchell, discuss the tremendous payoff of connecting with the hearts of your team and colleagues. This soft skill is for everyone if you want hard, bottom line results and productivity. Please watch this month’s Leading with Honor Coaching. Please comment throughout this video using […]

New Podcast Interview – The Burden of Command

New Podcast Interview – Lee share his latest leadership lessons and stories in a new episode of “The Burden of Command.” These lessons have been used to help thousands of leaders, teams, and client around the world. Please listen and then post your thoughts and wisdom too – thank you