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Giving Permission to Your Support Network – Video Clip

In this clip, Lee Ellis coaches us on our vulnerability to make dishonorable decisions and actions when we don’t have a strong support system around us. If you don’t have at least one person that has permission to speak up when you’re about to make a bad call, make it a goal to find that […]

Quick Advice: 4 Steps to Better Leadership Boundaries

In today’s culture, far too many people seem to lack respect for many of the boundaries that establish order and hold us together as a civilized society. Perhaps you have noticed the same situation. Here are four steps from our Courageous Accountability Model™ that can guide you to create healthy boundaries with colleagues, clients, or […]

3 Steps to Better Boundaries with your Leadership Team

<<<Watch this month’s free Leading with Honor Coaching clip on this topic – Sign up and get instant access. Your information is safe with us.>>> A few years ago, I began noticing a line of clothing marketed mainly to young people that proudly displayed its label of “NO BOUNDARIES.” I knew it was a marketing […]

Part 2 Interview with Tom Crawford on Leadership

In this segment of Leading with Honor leadership coaching, Lee Ellis has a second interview with Tom Crawford, CEO and President of Crawford Corporate Coaching. As a CEO in several organizations since 1984, Tom has a wealth of experience and insight that he uses in his consulting practice. In this interview, he shares some of […]

Need to get unstuck and produce results in leadership? 3 ways inside

Do you need to get unstuck and start getting results in both life and leadership? Lee suggests 3 ways below. Soft skills? Think again – see if you agree: Character provides the ideal and expected values and associated behaviors that will enable us to live and lead with honor. Given the right circumstances, this knowledge […]

Quick Leadership Tips: 4 Unrealistic Leadership Remedies

Are you tempted to “rattle the cage” with your team and dole out some unrealistic goals or objectives? Stop and evaluate that strategy first. There’s a better to meet goals and get results while avoiding pressure to meet unrealistic expectations. Follow these four steps to help your team succeed the right way – Recognize the […]

“The Sacrificial Gift of Listening” – Lee Ellis Coaching Clip

In this coaching clip, Lee Ellis does such a great job on instructing us on the special gift of listening. Whether it’s family member, friend, or colleague, it can be a struggle to authentically listen. Lee shares the benefits, barriers, and practical ways of listening as a way to display honor to another individual. Please […]

The Two-Pronged Strategy of Connecting in Leadership

What is it like when you work with a highly competent, skilled colleague that has little ability to connect with others? In my experience it’s frustrating and mentally draining! This soft skill of connecting with others is the art of leadership. To master this art, you must learn to connect with each person based on […]

Listening in Leadership Video Clip – The Outcomes and Advantages

Watch Lee’s valuable (and funny) leadership advice on the discipline and skill of listening in life and leadership. Who can relate?? Like or comment below! In this segment of leadership coaching from Lee Ellis, he shares his past personal and professional experiences on the critical skill of listening in leadership. When we learn and apply […]

Stretch Your Leadership to Fight for Clarity! 5 Barriers

Here’s your nudge to fight for clarity today—to stretch yourself as a leader. Clarity is essential in all situations. It’s easy to see the problems when a sports team doesn’t have a clear message. In a more typical workplace culture, it may be more subtle but can be even more disastrous. To understand the battle, […]

More results-oriented and relationship-oriented? Be honest with the enclosed list

Are you more results-oriented or relationship-oriented? Be honest with the list below: Results Oriented                                                             Take charge, decisive Introverted, focused High standards, task oriented Challenging, speaks directly Logical, organized Skeptical Relationship Oriented Encouraging, supportive Trusting Good listener Gives positive feedback Concerned and caring Develops others The key is better balance with both. Here are 5 Tips: […]

Quick Leadership Coaching Moment – Managing Fears and Doubts

Dealing with leadership doubts and fears? We all do! It’s often at the root of emotions like anger, shame, guilt, and pride. It termites our self-confidence and torpedoes our personal and professional relationships, further undermining our success and goals. It causes procrastination and resistance to reasonable and needed risk-taking, and stymie initiative to overcome obstacles […]