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Quick Advice on Balancing Paradoxes

Most of us are aware that sometimes we face opposite choices, but in managing our life and leadership situations, we must learn to courageously adapt in more important issues and […]

Leadership FAQ on Teammate Tardiness

Leading with Honor FAQ – “My teammate shows up late for meetings or doesn’t deliver on promises. What should I do?”   Lee’s Answer – “Consider recruiting another teammate to […]

Listening in Leadership – A Coaching Clip

Listening in Leadership – watch my honest (and funny) advice on the topic. And please share with others!     #courage #leadership #accountability #employeeengagement #leadershipbehavior #teamdevelopment #buildingculture #keynotespeaker

New Interview with Mark Divine!

Author, podcaster, and retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine and I had a great conversation a few days ago on the Mark Divine Show about life and leadership lessons that […]