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Leading with Honor FAQ on Stamina

Leading with Honor FAQ – “When you look at some of the stamina that developed in the camp from you and others who had to endure a lot of hardship, […]

New Podcast from The Biz Communication Guy

We’re excited for our friend and colleague, Dr. Bill Lampton PhD “The Biz Communication Guy” and the launch of his new podcast. Every week, he interviews renowned communication experts about […]

4 Powerful Tips to Stay Optimistic

Here’s the bottom line on being resilient—first, you must be optimistic. Believe that there is a good outcome ahead, and then do your part to reach it with a positive […]

Guest Article – The Power of Nice

Fantastic year-end advice and encouragement from my friend and colleague, Stuart Levine, on the “Power of Nice” as we head into 2023. It’s an intentional, daily decision that can make […]

New Interview on Leadership Expertise

In this new online interview with “Biz Communication Guy” Bill Lampton PhD, Lee talks about the leadership principles he learned as a Vietnam War POW, and how he helps executives […]


Fill-in-the-Blank – “The best gift that I can give my friends and colleagues this year is ____________.” Please post your answer below.

New Interview – The Jocko Podcast

With an estimated 1.6 million subscribers, the Jocko Podcast just featured Lee in one of the most in-depth interviews of his military and coaching career. Jocko unearthed some never-before-discussed topics […]