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3 Truths That Will Set Yourself Apart in Leadership Performance

Understanding behavioral differences in yourself and others has a profound impact on career trajectory as well as all relationships at work and home. To apply DNA Behavior in day-to-day work, managing differences must be a major focal point for leadership and team development. To get better results, be more persuasive, or quickly adapt interactions with […]

Webinar Invitation May 25th – The Art and Science of Self-Coaching

Join us on Tuesday, May 25, 2021 11:00 AM ET In this latest interactive webinar series on Tuesday, May 25th, guest author and speaker Dee Ann Turner joins Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie to discuss how leaders can behaviorally coach themselves and others more effectively in their day-to-day work. While the topic may seem easy […]

Coaching Clip – The Way to Manage Differences on Your Team

We all know people are unique and different, but what’s the best way to understand and assess these differences to improve team communication and performance? In this new 4-minute Leading with Honor Coaching clip, Lee Ellis explains how our natural behaviors can be analyzed and used to lead others effectively. Please watch and share with […]

Coaching Article – The Key Differentiator in 21st Century Leadership

By Lee Ellis Have you ever thought why did it take so long to put wheels on luggage? (Perhaps if you are under 30 you assumed luggage had always had wheels.) In my and Hugh Massie’s recent book, Leadership behavior DNA: Discovering Natural Talents and Managing Differences, the Preface describes how there are often more […]

3 Facts to Bounce Back Even Stronger

Going through tough times that seem impossible. Simply not giving up when you want to call it quits. What personally comes to mind when you think about resilience? Resilience was a matter of life and death for the Vietnam POWs. For our families back home, resilience was the only way they could have a life. […]

Webinar Replay – “The Behavioral Management Game Show”

In this latest interactive webinar series, “The Behavioral Management Game Show – How to Manage Yourself and Others”, we hosted another fun gameshow format while learning to adapt your behavioral management style to manage yourself and others. Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie helped us sharpen our skills with their advice and experience. Please watch and […]

Coaching Article – Which Leadership Behaviors Bounce Back Better?

by Lee Ellis Going through tough times that seem impossible. Pushing through a challenge with unrelenting determination. Simply not giving up when you want to call it quits. Doing things that you don’t feel like doing in order to achieve your goal. What personally comes to mind when you think about resilience? What’s your frame […]

4 Quick Steps to Connecting Better with Others

While many companies are already planning to reduce the demand for people to come to the office, Gallup’s research shows a disturbing abnormal outcome between employee engagement and well-being: Based on normal historical data when engagement goes up, wellbeing also increases—the two seem to feed off each other. However, the new Gallup survey data shows […]

Coaching Clip – Work-Life Balance Advice for Leaders and Teams

Many times, the demands of leadership and team performance can create an imbalance in our work-life balance. In this new 4-minute Leading with Honor Coaching clip, Lee Ellis reveals a new study he read recently on employee burnout and how to lead in a healthier way. Please watch and share with others – (Video not […]

Video FAQ on Honor and Ethics

In this 3-minute video clip with Leading with Honor Founder and President, Lee Ellis, and Director of Learning, Eddie Williams, they answer the question of honor as it relates to character, integrity, and ethics. Please watch and share! You can also read and watch more FAQs at      

Natural Behavior in the Crucible of POW Life

Lee Ellis served as an Air Force fighter pilot flying 53 combat missions over North Vietnam. In 1967, he was shot down and held as a POW for more than five years in Hanoi and surrounding camps. Today, he is an award-winning author, leadership coach and speaker on leadership, teambuilding and human performance. The brotherhood […]

4 Discipline Tips You Can Start and Maintain

I really love springtime. But to be honest, it derails my sense of discipline. Perhaps it’s the additional activities or vacation time. This isn’t a guilt trip, but there are still worthwhile and sometimes difficult things that need to get done during the Spring, right? What can we do about it as leaders? Discipline is […]

Coaching Clip – The What and Why of Leadership Discipline

In this segment of leadership coaching from Lee Ellis, he shares how to leadership discipline uniquely distinguishes yourself from other leaders. When we learn and apply this foundational leadership attribute, our opportunity for long-term success grows.  Also read the article on this topic – “Better Leadership Discipline in 4 Steps”    

2 Quick Tips to Secure Your Leadership Reputation

We’re all born selfish human beings with pride and even the capacity for evil. I have some friends who say it’s not inherited; they say we have free will and get to make our own choices. Both perspectives have value, but I say we are born with this bent. Regardless of how you view it, […]

Leading with Honor FAQ – Class of 2021

A Leading with Honor FAQ – “The Class of 2021 will be graduating and becoming future leaders in life and work. What specific recommendations do you have for them as they embark on this lifetime of leadership?” Lee Ellis’ Answer – “Be clear about your principles of integrity and character and battle to live accordingly. […]

Coaching Article – Two Ways Leaders Can Become Golden

The Golden Rule appears in seven major religions in the world as well as most societal cultures. Most of us know it from our religious training, but it’s also quite intuitive if you care at all about other people. It seems like an obvious and simple rule to guard our character, but it’s also quite […]

Coaching Clip – Getting Back to Leadership Basics—Becoming Golden

With all the leadership responsibilities and demands on us as honorable leaders, it’s a smart and necessary idea to go back to basics with one central idea. In this month’s 5-minute coaching clip, he tells us how to consistently “be golden” every day. Please watch and share with others – (Video not playing? Watch it […]