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5 Pieces of Advice for Next Gen Leaders

In this season of graduations and transitions from high school to college to adult life, I’ve reflected on what I’d tell my younger self. Here they are –   Know yourself. Identify your natural behavioral talents and strengths for work and nurture them. Also, understand your struggles and learn how to manage them so that […]

Coaching Clip – Career Strategy Soft Skills that Make a Big Impact

In this segment of leadership coaching, Lee Ellis shares his personal and professional experience in career strategy that works in all phases of career development. Whether you’re just beginning your career or are a seasoned veteran in the workforce, understanding these four areas can put you ahead of the rest by leading with honor. Please […]

Coaching Blog – Leading my Younger Self: What I’d Tell You Now

Had I known then what I know now. How many seasoned, experienced leaders have said these words? Could you have avoided any mistakes? Could you be further along in your career, influence, and accomplishments? Most of us would likely conclude that the mistakes and missed opportunities have made us who we are today, but the […]

5 Quick Tips to Know Yourself Better

After many years of coaching and training thousands of people, we know that freedom to know yourself and fulfill your purpose is a significant issue. We can all benefit from gaining the self-awareness to see ourselves objectively. The vulnerability is that if I get to know myself, I’ll have to face the challenge that I’m […]

Coaching Clip – How to Eliminate Meeting Room Intimidation

In this segment of leadership coaching, Lee Ellis talks with Tom Crawford, CEO and President of Crawford Corporate Coaching. As a CEO in several organizations since 1984, Tom has a wealth of experience and insight that he uses in his consulting practice. In this interview, he shares some of that valuable experience. Please watch this […]

Coaching Article – 3 Leadership Must-Haves for Successful Meetings

Have you ever had that sinking feeling in your stomach about going to meetings? There are many reasons we may dread meetings—they can be boring, ineffective, unfocused, not related to my responsibilities, poorly managed, a waste of time, and the list goes on and on.   But in this blog we want to deal with […]

Coaching Article – Why Leaders Should Manage the Behavioral Seesaw

If you’ve ever ridden a seesaw, you know what happens when the weights on each side are very different—it’s not as fun and it takes more work to stay balanced! Well, there’s a leadership seesaw that occurs every day that I want to explore further with you. Many years ago, my team and I developed […]

Coaching Clip – Can You Hear Me? The #1 Request from Your Staff

In the last 25 years, I’ve surveyed hundreds of groups asking them to reflect on their greatest leader and share the one attribute that set them apart (assuming the person had good character and integrity). Lee’s brief coaching clip this month shares the answer and coaches leaders on how to use it effectively – Also, […]

3 Quick Tips on the Art and Discipline of Listening

What an extraordinary skill for leaders! Honing this skill can strongly contribute to catapulting you to success, because everyone likes to talk and be heard.  Listening well is another aspect of human nature that continues what I’ve been writing about the last two months. It seems obvious, but things that are obvious often get overlooked […]

Coaching Article – 3 Reasons Why Listening is a Leadership Game-Changer

The art and discipline of listening—what an extraordinary skill for leaders! Honing this skill can strongly contribute to catapulting you to success, because everyone likes to talk and be heard.  Listening well is another aspect of human nature that continues what I’ve been writing* about the last two months. It seems obvious, but things that […]

Coaching Article – The Natural Leadership Behaviors of Great Mentors

“The goal of many leaders is to get people to think more highly of the leader. The goal of a great leader is to help people to think more highly of themselves.” – Carla Nortcutt Most great stories have a struggling protagonist and a mentor, someone who speaks into their life to help them find […]

Coaching Clip – How to Get Results Under Leadership Pressure

When work life is humming along, getting results tends to be easier. Faced with challenges and pressure though, the dynamic changes and more effort is required, focus is more difficult, and getting results can be a struggle. In this 5-minute coaching clip, Lee reveals some tactics that he learned during his pressure-filled Vietnam POW experience […]

4 Quick Lessons That I Learned in the Camps

You get to know a lot about yourself and others when you are locked up 24/7 for months and years in a Vietnam POW camp. During those times we shared stories of our lives—and in those conditions there was no pretending; we heard about successes and failures. Also, in that environment, we had courageous leaders […]

4 Quick Steps to Healthy Leadership Security

Humans are not rocket science, because that would be easy in comparison. At least rocket science is logical, linear, and rational. Human beings, by comparison, are even more complex, emotionally unpredictable, and can’t be controlled with a set of scientific rules! The paradox of human behavior can be maddening: We’re brilliant and beautiful, but foolish […]

Coaching Article – 4 Leadership Lessons Learned Under Pressure

Do you celebrate great memories at certain times of the year? We all tend to hang on to those special times in our lives. March is one of those special times for me, because it was March 14th, 1973, when my group was released from the POW camps. As they called our names, we stepped […]

Coaching Article – 4 Behaviors to a More Secure Leadership Attitude

Good news—bad news. You and the leaders, teammates, peers, and family, friends, and neighbors in your life are amazing human creations with unique talents, skills, and perspectives. But as amazing and valuable as these people are, we also must consistently respect, communicate, and manage the challenges that come with this uniqueness. It is the duty […]

3 Quick Ways Connect with the Heart in Leadership

You should be able to trace back your success as an honorable leader to key people in your life that smiled at you, encouraged you, valued you, and especially important—they believed in you. When they smiled and expressed their confidence in you as a person, did you not feel joy? And did it not give […]

Article – Words of Wisdom

Great article from Ralph de la Vega on the values and wisdom that he learned from friend and colleague, Stan Sigman. Good advice for turbulent times. Please read the article on LinkedIn and post your comments below, too.