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7 Practical Ways to Grow as a Leader

Everywhere I (Lee) turn, I hear people talking about the need to increase performance via new processes and/or raising employee engagement. Great ideas, but change and growth must start with leaders first, and that’s a nasty proposition for many leaders who have done the same thing for most of their careers. I was coaching a […]

Coaching Clip – Leadership Growth Advice with Newton’s Laws

Inertia and entropy. Two of Newton’s laws that are dangerous for any leader who wants to grow and innovate. How do you break the power of these laws in everyday life and work? Lee’s new 5-minute Leading with Honor coaching clip this month shares a couple of examples and his advice on conquering them for […]

Webinar Free Replay – How to Be a Resilient Leader During A Crisis

Webinar Free Replay with Lee Ellis and Commander Mary Kelly USN (ret) on the topic of “How to Be a Resilient Leader During A Crisis”. Please watch this recent online event with our compliments, and post your comments and feedback below – Purchase your copy of Leadership Behavior DNA that they mention during this interview–available in […]

Coaching Article – How Innovative Leaders are Breaking Newton’s Laws

Everywhere I turn I hear people talking about the need to increase performance via new processes and/or raising employee engagement. Great ideas, but change and growth must start with leaders first, and that’s a nasty proposition for many leaders who have done the same thing for most of their careers. For the last four decades, […]

Free Webinar Replay – “Hiring the Best Talent”

Free Webinar Replay – in this latest game show-style online event, Hugh Massie and Lee Ellis presented several hiring scenarios and how DNA Behavior’s 8 Factors clearly reveal the best choices. Watch and hear in-depth, exclusive insight on how to hire and promote others using behavioral insights. Two special offers were mentioned in this online […]

Leadership Mentorship – Lee Ellis True Story

Want to know the most natural ways to be a leader mentor? Lee shares a very personal part of his mentorship journey from one of his past leaders, Col Dick O’Grady USAF (Ret) (1937-2018). Please also post your mentorship tips too –        

3 Quick Leadership Discernment Tips

When listening and observing words and actions in a local team or our national spectrum, we must recognize as honorable leaders that there’s some truth in every angle, but not all the groups in these instances are driven by pure motivations. Many people are distorting real issues to lead good people and naïve leaders into […]

Coaching Clip – How to Refine Your Leadership Discernment

Whether you’re listening to the news, reading social media, or navigating through organizational culture, leadership discernment is needed now more than ever. What are the 3 things that Lee recommends that all leaders do as they watch and listen? Watch this brief 3-minute Leading with Honor Coaching video – (video won’t play? Click this link […]

How to Discern a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: 3 Leadership Tips

Have you ever noticed that things are not as they seem? The deeper context of some recent volatile situations brings to mind the powerful image in the age-old statement about the wolf in sheep’s clothing. It came to me again this morning as I was doing a weekly reading in Essays on Ethics by Rabbi […]

Free Webinar Replay – “The Leadership Behavior DNA Game Show!”

Free Webinar Replay – in this latest fun and fast-paced event, we took leadership human behavior and applied it to real-life scenarios. How can polar opposites, Tom and Jen, get along better and manage their differences? How can you better relate with a demanding, results-focused leader? How do you fix a team that’s out of […]

Coaching Clip – The Paradox of Leadership and New Mindsets

Need a quick leadership tip? Watch as Lee Ellis shares the important leadership principle of adopting new mindsets and successfully leading in paradoxical settings. Sign up to received monthly coaching in your inbox – Click for Free Registration            

Measuring the Return on Character – Does It Work?

When we hear about unethical public figures or executives whose careers have gone down in flames, it’s sadly unsurprising. Hubris and greed have a way of catching up with people, who then lose the power and wealth they’ve so fervently pursued. But is the opposite also true? Do highly principled leaders and their organizations perform […]

The Five A’s of Aviator Personality

Here’s a Leadership Behavior Question – ever wonder the type of military pilot that’s protecting our skies? Or do you naturally have what it takes to fill this role? Using a sample of 376 retired military aviators, RPWs and controls (a control group of Naval aviators that matched the age/experience of the RPW group), personality […]

Quick Communication Solution for Challenging Moments

When confronted with a crisis or challenge, the natural tendency of most humans is to either try to withdraw or dominate. About 40% of the population naturally lean toward dominating, while the other 40% tends toward withdrawing from conflict altogether. Though there are times to have heated discussions or withdraw and reflect, they only work […]

Video Coaching – How to Lead with Honor in Race Relations

If you’re like most of the Leading with Honor tribe, we know that diversity and inclusion is an important mindset for successful leaders and teams. In this month’s coaching clip, Lee demonstrates how we can do this effectively and with authenticity – please watch   (If the video window doesn’t work, please watch it here.) […]

Quick Advice on Situational Awareness – 3 Things

Quick Advice on Situational Awareness – as a facilitator for executive teams and boards, this skill is what Lee focuses on the most—to be as situationally aware as possible of what’s going on in the room. So how can you coach yourself to be more situationally aware? Here are three important behaviors: 1. Know Yourself. […]

Free Help for Remote Teams – See Inside

How many people have you talked to that will be working from home indefinitely? There’s an art and a science to keeping your team communicating and performing well a remote, isolated environment. Lee Ellis and team have prepared the page below to help you – start by reading his 5 over-arching insights of leadership wisdom […]

Quick Leading with Honor Advice on Adapting Quickly

As leaders, we’ve been bombarded the last few months with fast changes that require the ability to adapt quickly. Now as we’re approaching a shift back to the old normal, we must consider some areas where the old normal won’t work well. Most leaders know that they must adapt to changing situations as well as […]

Video Coaching – “Adapting Your Leadership to Fit All Situations”

Many times, leaders know that they need to adapt their communication and decision-making process depending on any given situation, but they may not know how to do it. In this new leadership coaching clip, Leading with Honor President, Lee Ellis, gives us a simple yet effective model that will any leader adapt regardless of the […]