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Coaching Video Clip – Exceeding Expectations

In this new Leading with Honor Coaching segment, Lee coaches us on why taking ownership and exceeding expectations is so important in leadership. With just a little more authentic attention to the details, it’s amazing the result and impact that it can have on others. Please watch below, and interact with other viewers in this […]

Quick Advice on Achieving Leadership Balance

Some quick Leading with Honor advice on leadership balance: Almost all our work relates directly to the two areas of Mission/Results and People/Relationships. To master this seesaw effect and be a great leader, you need to do both. For 80% of the population, our DNA predisposes us to one or the other. 40% of the […]

Coaching Video Clip – Leadership Balance

New this Month! Interact with other viewers in a new social collaboration environment when you watch this month’s coaching video. Click below to watch and participate. Besides the foundations of character and integrity, leadership development requires a healthy balance between results and relationships. Lee’s coaching this month shares his experience and expertise on how to […]

A Leading with Honor FAQ on Mental Stamina

A Leading with Honor FAQ: “When you look at some of the stamina that developed in the camp from you and others who had to endure a lot of hardship, what was your mental outlook that kept you focused and hopeful?” Lee’s Answer: I think some of that is my personality and a lot of […]

2 Communication Clarity Tips for Leaders

Need some quick advice on gaining greater clarity in communication and leadership? It works with your family, friends, or colleagues! Here are 2 important tips based on my experience: (1) Don’t assume that everyone hears (and visualizes) your message. We have a natural tendency to assume that if it’s clear to us, why would it […]

Video FAQ – “Why is leadership development important?”

In this brief clip, Lee answers the foundational and popular question on why leadership development is important? Why is it both important to develop yourself and develop others? Lee answers those questions—please watch and post your comments too – thank you Learn more about the award-winning book, Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi […]

Radio Interview – Kilmeade and Friends

We’re pulling out a great archive interview with Lee on Brian Kimeade and Friends on Fox News Radio where Lee shared intimate details about life and leadership lessons learned in his 40+ year career. Check out this interview – thank you          

Leading with Honor FAQ on Successful Leaders

A Leading with Honor Frequently Ask Question: “What else should successful leaders be thinking about?” Lee Ellis’ Answer: “You can’t do this alone. It’s too difficult. You need encouragement. You need people who will say, ‘Well, why would you want to do that?’ I could have a good idea, but I’m too emotionally involved in […]

Coaching Clip – How to Find the Courage to Create Change

  In this segment of Leading with Honor Coaching from Lee Ellis, he shares his past personal and professional experiences to help leaders develop the courage the create change in their life and work. When we learn and apply this foundational leadership attribute, our opportunity for long-term success grows. Please watch and post your comments […]

Three Instant Way to Give Positive Feedback to Others

  Any leaders looking for a way to avoid being a stingy Grinch this Christmas season? Here’s a very simple but not always easy way to freely give with a generous heart AND get results with your team. Honorable leaders must give positive feedback on a regular basis. Here are 3 reasons why: Positive feedback […]

Video Clip – Developing Millennial Professionals

How different are Millennials in the workforce compared with other generations? Are their leadership needs and desires distinctly different? The reality is that they make up 40% of the current workforce, and that percentage is growing. Author and leadership consultant, Lee Ellis, shares his research and advice on leading this valuable generation of leaders – […]

Where is Dr. King now? A Civility Emergency

<<<Watch this month’s free Leading with Honor Coaching clip on this topic – Sign up and get instant access. Your information is safe with us.>>> As the well-known, dramatic story unfolds, “Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses, and all the king’s men, couldn’t put Humpty […]

Lee Ellis Coaching Clip – “Combatting Power Struggles” –

In this segment of leadership coaching from Lee Ellis, he shares the important leadership step of combatting power struggles the right way in leadership. When we learn and apply this foundational leadership attribute, our opportunity for long-term success grows.  These coaching clips are only available in Lee’s monthly ‘Leading with Honor’ email. Sign Up to […]

Giving Permission to Your Support Network – Video Clip

In this clip, Lee Ellis coaches us on our vulnerability to make dishonorable decisions and actions when we don’t have a strong support system around us. If you don’t have at least one person that has permission to speak up when you’re about to make a bad call, make it a goal to find that […]

Quick Advice: 4 Steps to Better Leadership Boundaries

In today’s culture, far too many people seem to lack respect for many of the boundaries that establish order and hold us together as a civilized society. Perhaps you have noticed the same situation. Here are four steps from our Courageous Accountability Model™ that can guide you to create healthy boundaries with colleagues, clients, or […]

3 Steps to Better Boundaries with your Leadership Team

<<<Watch this month’s free Leading with Honor Coaching clip on this topic – Sign up and get instant access. Your information is safe with us.>>> A few years ago, I began noticing a line of clothing marketed mainly to young people that proudly displayed its label of “NO BOUNDARIES.” I knew it was a marketing […]

Part 2 Interview with Tom Crawford on Leadership

In this segment of Leading with Honor leadership coaching, Lee Ellis has a second interview with Tom Crawford, CEO and President of Crawford Corporate Coaching. As a CEO in several organizations since 1984, Tom has a wealth of experience and insight that he uses in his consulting practice. In this interview, he shares some of […]

Need to get unstuck and produce results in leadership? 3 ways inside

Do you need to get unstuck and start getting results in both life and leadership? Lee suggests 3 ways below. Soft skills? Think again – see if you agree: Character provides the ideal and expected values and associated behaviors that will enable us to live and lead with honor. Given the right circumstances, this knowledge […]

Quick Leadership Tips: 4 Unrealistic Leadership Remedies

Are you tempted to “rattle the cage” with your team and dole out some unrealistic goals or objectives? Stop and evaluate that strategy first. There’s a better to meet goals and get results while avoiding pressure to meet unrealistic expectations. Follow these four steps to help your team succeed the right way – Recognize the […]