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5 Quick Tips for choosing a behaviorally smart board of advisors/directors

5 Quick Tips for choosing a behaviorally smart board of advisors/directors – avoid the pain of a dysfunctional Board holds up decision making, causes headaches for the organization, and slows progress: Know the board members. Identify their talents and determine where they fit in overseeing the organization. Discover their personality and communication style, too. Appoint […]

Do Your Board Member Personalities Play Well With Others?

(Editor’s Note: this month, we’re featuring an article from our strategic development partner, DNA Behavior. Carol Pocklington addresses an important and popular topic below that we hope is helpful to you.) A board of directors is a body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of a corporation or organization. Source: Wikipedia […]

4 Quick Steps to Better Leadership EQ

Emotionally intelligent leaders are better, honorable leaders! Here’s 4 quick steps to better EQ from ‘Leading with Honor’: 1. Recognize your own emotions. You’re in a meeting and Bob says something that you “know” is absolutely wrong. Your first instinct is to publicly call him out and correct his error—but you’ve been down that road […]

4 Steps to Battling Leadership Emotions with an EQ Plan

The commercials on television today highlight treatments for low this and low that, but unfortunately, we don’t hear much about low Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Here are some symptoms: You know you’re brilliant, yet you find yourself reacting with impatience and anger with others who just don’t get it. Maybe your feedback to a teammate failed […]

How Leaders Blend Diverse Behaviors into a Common Culture

By Lee Ellis Think of the organizations that have strong connections with you—more than great service or products, you have a strong, emotional connection with them. To achieve this level of engagement, they’ve likely worked very hard to create an internal culture that reflects their external culture. Current Culture Examples I realized how popular the […]

Article – A Successful CEO’s Advice on Staff Development

By Lee Ellis Great organizations love to win and be the best in their industry, and any competitive edge makes that success more likely. The vision of smooth-running, efficient, innovative, profitable, adept organization captivates most leaders’ aspirations, and it’s natural to have those goals.  Not long ago after a speaking engagement, I enjoyed a corporate […]

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? 5 Behavioral Traits

By Guest Author, Hugh Massie – President and Founder of DNA Behavior International Like me, many of you instinctively knew that you had a strong desire to start a business and then at some point, the right innovative idea came along and in you jumped. Then along the way, the entrepreneurial journey turned out much […]

How Unique Behaviors Work Together: 3 Surprising Leadership Observations

By Lee Ellis Almost twenty-five years in the Air Force serving my country—what a wonderful first career experience I had. There were many things that I enjoyed about the military such as the joy of flying, but over the long haul it’s the close camaraderie with my military teammates that I miss the most. If […]

3 Natural Ways to Lead Higher in the Frenzy

Is your life as busy as mine? Busy can be a relative term; but I know most of us work and live at a very fast pace, and we must lead with honor in the midst of the activities of the day. I attribute my success and positive outlook in my busy schedule to the […]

3 High-Performing Behaviors of Authentic Leaders

By Lee Ellis Authentic leadership is a grand, worthy, and potentially overwhelming goal for any leader to attain. Based on almost 20 years as a leadership consultant, I’m convinced that authentic leaders are the best leaders in any industry sector. For growing leaders, the goal of being an authentic leader is both energizing and inspiring. […]

4 Trust-Building Fundamentals That Get Results

In Patrick Lencioni’s book The Advantage, he points out that in today’s competitive world a healthy organization is likely to be the greatest competitive advantage you can have. He’s right, so what exactly does that look like? Well, let’s take a closer look at the culture of an unhealthy organization. To outsiders like Pat and […]

5 Behavioral Barriers to Better Leadership Clarity

By Lee Ellis Have you ever had to fight for clarity in a meeting or conversation? Early on in my military training at Air University, our professors who taught speaking and writing courses told us repeatedly to “fight for clarity.” When lives are at stake while flying multi-million dollar pieces of equipment, clarity was crucial […]

Results vs Relationships Balance – How to Assess Your Team’s Behavior

As a child, riding a seesaw was fun, wasn’t it? Well, except when you didn’t have equal weight on both sides—then it was just out of balance and someone got stuck in mid-air. That bears the question—is your leadership out of balance?  Most likely it is because statistically, more than 85% of the population tilts […]

The 4 Symptoms of Working with Dysfunctional Dominant Personalities

One third of the population has a “Dominant” personality.  I happen to be one of them and many of my friends and clients are also.  We have high confidence in our opinions which like most strengths can be good or bad – strengths taken too far usually become struggles.   A deviant and devious, version of […]

Beyond the Resume: 5 Keys to Behaviorally Smart Hiring

By Guest Author Carol Pocklington, Human Behavior Solutions Analyst, DNA Behavior International Great resumes can be bought. Behaviors can’t be. The only way to effectively hire and retain candidates is to ensure you not only fit the right skills to the right job but that you also find the right cultural and behavioral style fit […]

Narcissistic Leadership Tendencies? 9 Behavioral Warning Signs

By Lee Ellis Typically, narcissism is historically associated with physical beauty. You may recall that in Greek mythology, Narcissus was the handsome young man who became so enchanted with the image of himself in the pool that he could not pull away. Today we hear about a leader who has narcissistic tendencies, but it’s not […]

Trump Team

A Behavioral Analysis of President Trump’s White House Leadership Team

(Editor’s Note: we frequently get a high interest level on the behavioral styles of famous personalities, celebrities, etc. This article from our partner organization, DNA Behavior, gives great insight on how behavioral assessment is valuable in team-building strategy. It was originally written in late 2016 before President Trump was elected by Carol Pocklington, guest author […]