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3 Tips to Leadership Balance and Avoiding Selfish Leadership Behaviors

Consider some of these leadership strengths and what happens when they get too strong:     Confident – Self-centered, talk mainly about their agenda, discount others Decisive – Opinionated–sometimes wrong but never in doubt Initiating – Too aggressive to get what they want Outgoing – Need to be the center of attention Accurate – React strongly […]

9 Behaviors of a Narcissistic Leader

Typically, narcissism is historically associated with physical beauty. You may recall that in Greek mythology, Narcissus was the handsome young man who became so enchanted with the image of himself in the pool that he could not pull away. Today we hear about a leader who has narcissistic tendencies, but it’s not so much about […]

Free Webinar Replay on the Quandary of Leadership

In this latest interactive webinar series, Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie were joined by – Raellyn Kovich — an executive and team development coach and owner of Kovich Strategies. Robin Rand — CEO of the Gary Sinise Foundation and retired four-star General serving active duty in the United States Air Force for over 40 years. […]

Guest Panel Webinar Invitation on December 1st – Join Us!

Relying on your best behavioral strengths and talents is still not enough for the success-focused leader. What’s the next step? It’s learning how to manage your gaps and struggles to be more well-rounded as a leader. In this new live webinar event with Hugh Massie and Lee Ellis, we have two guest panelists to offer […]

Building a Happy Leadership Culture – It’s Possible!

by Lee Ellis “I came to see, in my decade at IBM, that culture isn’t just one aspect of the game—it is the game.” – Lou Gerstner, Chairman, and CEO IBM 1993 – 2002 [Tweet This] Think of the organizations that have strong connections with you—more than great service or products, you have a strong, […]

Free Webinar Replay on Adaptive Leadership

In this latest interactive webinar series, Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie were joined by –  Donna Peters, Founder of The Me-Suite, Faculty & Leadership Coach at Emory MBA, and former Senior Partner and Accenture, and Ralph de le Vega, Chairman of the De La Vega group, former Vice Chairman of AT&T Inc., and the author […]

3 Quick Tips on Balancing Leadership Paradox

3 Quick Tips on Balancing the Paradox of Being “All Things” in Leadership – consider the challenge when you encounter paradox and have to acknowledge and operate on two seemingly opposite principles from the list below –    This       and        This Visionary             Practical Chaos                   Order Results                Relationships Competitive        Supportive Detached            […]

Guest Article – Setting Your Quality Life Purpose

By Hugh Massie – First Published on Nasdaq – More and more these days I’m asked my thoughts on the meaning and quality of life. This global pandemic, including being on social lock down, has caused individuals to have deeper discussions. Many of us agree that we were having these “life” discussions when we were […]

Breaking the Behavioral Paradox in Leadership: 3 Tactics

The temptation is there for all us, but it’s easier to notice in the behaviors and decisions of others – “Why do they lead this organization the same old way? And why do they only see life from their myopic view?” The ability to break free from old mindsets and gain new ones is a […]

Coaching Article – How Innovative Leaders are Breaking Newton’s Laws

Everywhere I turn I hear people talking about the need to increase performance via new processes and/or raising employee engagement. Great ideas, but change and growth must start with leaders first, and that’s a nasty proposition for many leaders who have done the same thing for most of their careers. For the last four decades, […]

Free Webinar Replay – “Hiring the Best Talent”

Free Webinar Replay – in this latest game show-style online event, Hugh Massie and Lee Ellis presented several hiring scenarios and how DNA Behavior’s 8 Factors clearly reveal the best choices. Watch and hear in-depth, exclusive insight on how to hire and promote others using behavioral insights. Two special offers were mentioned in this online […]

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The Best Behaviors for Listening Leaders

By Lee Ellis | It’s time that I confess something to you. I’m not naturally a good listener; I have several personality challenges that undermine this area for me. When you review my natural Leadership Behavior DNA, our coaching and training assessment, struggles include being impatient, taking charge too quickly, and at times I can […]

New Online Event – “Hiring the Best Talent”

Not all of behavioral assessments are created equal. Everyday, we receive success stories on the value of the scientifically validated DNA Behavior Discovery Process when hiring new talent. In this latest game show-style webinar, Hugh Massie and Lee Ellis present several hiring scenarios and how DNA’s 8 Factors clearly reveal the best choice. Several prizes […]

Special Endorsement from Brazil

Thank you Tobias Maag, CEO of Sencopar, São Paulo, Brazil for your enthusiastic words about the new book ‘Leadership Behavior DNA’ – “This book draws out that focusing on your strengths alone is not enough. The reader will learn about the relevance of managing struggles, as they are strengths overplayed that can quickly derail performance. […]

How’s Your Situational Awareness? 3 Behavioral Attitudes to Remember

In our day-to-day work, most of us would consider the statement “Think or Die” to be pretty dramatic. But for F-16 pilots, their slogan is defined as a keen level of “SA” or “Situational Awareness” because it’s a matter of life and death in their work. 700 Feet per Second Awareness One of the roles […]

Special CEO Endorsement – See Inside

Thank you Debbie Gordon, CEO of Cloud Range Cyber, Nashville, TN for your kind words about the book Leadership Behavior DNA – “I highly recommend this book to every leader that realizes that they can always become better. It’s the perfect resource to gain a deeper understanding and be able to lead your people to […]

Does Remote Working Fit with Who You Are?

Is everyone naturally good at working remotely? The answer would be no, but there’s hope. Understanding the natural behavior of everyone will help leaders adjust their leadership style to help them be successful. Friend and DNA Behavior President, Hugh Massie, shares his advice and experience in the article in the DNA Behavior blog. please check […]

Coaching Article – Four Behavioral Leadership Traps to Avoid

By Lee Ellis What happens inside you when you feel disrespected? Have you ever had some form of attack on your dignity, and how did that feel? Some of my strongest emotions from my Vietnam POW experience were the daily attempts by our enemy to humiliate us and destroy our dignity. Even many years later, […]