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Revealing the Rocket Science of Secure Leadership

Good news—bad news. You and the leaders, teammates, peers, and family, friends, and neighbors in your life are amazing human creations with unique talents, skills, and perspectives. But as amazing and valuable as these people are, we also must consistently respect, communicate, and manage the challenges that come with this uniqueness. It is the duty […]

The How-To of Team Boundaries and Communication

Quick Leading with Honor Coaching Tip: consistency is the essence of creating good team communication and boundaries. Along with the commitment to lead with honor as your foundation, here are four practical steps that can guide you forward in everyday communication:   Clarify. Make sure everyone understands expectations, the boundaries and their purpose and why […]

How Leadership Behavior Can Affect Team Boundaries

A few years ago, I began noticing a line of clothing marketed mainly to young people that proudly displayed its label of “NO BOUNDARIES.” I knew it was a marketing ploy to the young and restless, but instinctively it felt dangerous. Unfortunately, some people took the label seriously. In today’s culture, far too many people […]

CEO Shares How Transparency Helps Address Global ‘Crisis of Trust’

  Leader transparency can be a frightening proposition for any organization, a reality that isn’t lost on S.C. Johnson and his company. But at a time when stakeholders increasingly expect more candor from the world’s top companies, the upfront discomfort may well be worth it. Please read their article on the Triple Pundit website and […]

Securing Your True Leadership Self

  Last Fall I did a couple of blogs on core identity. This month, let’s focus on the core of our identity, which is more than your vocation or hobbies represented in the outer circles below—it’s the inner self that truly defines who you are:  Outward Confidence is Not Inner Confidence As a 24-year old […]

4 Quick Leadership Tactics to Conquer Fears and Doubts

4 Quick Tactics to Conquer Fears and Doubts – These might be just what is needed to help take your fearful thoughts and actions captive and reach new milestones –   Fear is Normal—Learn to Proactively Manage It. We can train and equip ourselves to make logical choices that manage our fears (instead of our […]

Article – What’s Your Natural Behavior When Fear and Doubt Strike?

You’re in the midst of a situation or challenge that instills fear. What do you do? In the animal kingdom, fear produces a “fight or flight” response, and it’s true with people, too. But honorable leaders see fear coming and know how to handle it, right? Regardless of your natural behavior, the biggest challenge for […]

The Personality Trait That Makes People Feel Comfortable Around You

Do you anyone with positive “affective presence” that are easy to be around and oil the gears of social interactions? If so, they’re gold in a team or organization! How do they do it? And is it natural or learned behavior? Interesting article—please check it out on the Atlantic website and post your comments – […]

Climbing Courage

4 Quick Points to Creating Courage

Looking how to have a boost of courage as you face some changes this year? Here are 4 points that Lee advises his clients to follow – let us know what you think: Believe. You must believe that your decision is the right thing to do and that you can do it. Believe in yourself, […]

Dr Martin Luther King Message on Civility

  We’re re-posting this article from Lee Ellis written last year on the life and dedication of Dr Martin Luther King in the art and discipline of civility. Remembering this special leader and honoring his contribution to our society – Please Read in this blog and post your comments.    

4 Courageous Steps to Making Your Change

You’ve had that feeling for a while, and it’s not going away. The daily battle to stay engaged and productive is wearing on you. It’s time for a change, and you’re either reluctant to move forward or don’t know how. Courage is needed, and your mind drifts to those traditional heroic figures in movies such […]

4 Leadership Tips to Help Your Team Succeed in 2019

As honorable leaders, our goal is to wisely manage tactical team goals and results while avoiding pressure to meet unrealistic expectations. Follow these four steps to meet your goals and help your team succeed the right way in 2019 –   Recognize the realities of the human domain. People want to succeed. People want to […]

Tribute Story – Fellow POW Smitty Harris

What an inspiring read for New Year’s Eve! Today, I’m paying tribute to my brother, friend, and fellow POW cellmate, Col. Smitty Harris USAF. We spent almost 5 years in the POW camps together and were cellmates for two years. And he’s the Code Bearer mentioned in my book, Leading with Honor. At 90 years […]

4 Ways to Modify Leadership Behavior on Unattainable Goals

Have you ever been in the scenario where you’ve been asked by your leader to fulfill an absolutely unattainable goal based on the time, resources, and team that you have available? Instead of having a realistic conversation about it, you’re given an ultimatum where you’re tempted to “lie, cheat, and steal” to get it done […]

Three Instant Way to Give Positive Feedback to Others

  Any leaders looking for a way to avoid being a stingy Grinch this Christmas season? Here’s a very simple but not always easy way to freely give with a generous heart AND get results with your team. Honorable leaders must give positive feedback on a regular basis. Here are 3 reasons why: Positive feedback […]

3 Ways to Avoid Being a Grinch Leader

<<<Watch this month’s free Leading with Honor Coaching clip on this topic – Sign up and get instant access. Your information is safe with us.>>> During this Christmas and Chanukah season, many of us are thinking about the special gifts that we hope to receive. But when it comes to giving the most important gifts, […]

Commentary: Put the Civil Back in Civil Discourse

Here is another individual and leader calling for civility and civil discourse in public and private life. In this fantastic article below, Lt. Gen. Robert M. Shea, USMC (Ret.) shares his thoughts in Signal Magazine on how honorable leaders can create positive change around them. Please read and post your comments too – thank you […]

Gaining Trust – What’s the one Question?

Asking this one question could help you earn trust at work – good advice from speaker and author, Gary Anderson. Please read on Linkedin and post your comments and experience below – thank you  

The Number 1 Sign of High Intelligence

This is what the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, looks for when he wants to know if someone is really smart. And notice the interesting comment about “strong opinions lightly held.” It takes a mature, confident leader to do this important trait—see if you agree Please Read this article on the website, and share your […]