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New Lance Sijan Video Biography – “Unbroken Will”

Happy Veterans Day Week to the brave military men and women who currently serve or have served our nation. We are honored to announce the release of this new video clip from USAF PACE Profession of Arms Center of Excellence memorializing Captain Lance P. Sijan. In this clip, PACE shares the story of Lance’s shoot-down, […]

3 Natural Ways to Lead Higher in the Frenzy

Is your life as busy as mine? Busy can be a relative term; but I know most of us work and live at a very fast pace, and we must lead with honor in the midst of the activities of the day. I attribute my success and positive outlook in my busy schedule to the […]

Successful CEO reveals his radical leadership habit

You have to be honest yet respectful, so what do you say? And how do you say it? Or just leave it alone and say nothing? In last month’s coaching article, guest Tom Crawford(1) stressed that communication is the essential ingredient for organizational success. As former Chairman and CEO in three major companies and current […]

How to re-focus on being a genuine leader – 3 points to remember

How to re-focus on being a genuine leader – 3 points to remember. Apply them, and everyone around you will benefit:   Clarify Your Priorities. – You can pause right now and assess whether you’re living in alignment with your passion, purpose, and personality. If you’re not, there’s always an opportunity to change it.   […]

A Novice’s Journey: Providing is not Serving

  Honorable leaders are so busy trying to serve their clients and customers everyday that they search for the moments that they can lead their teams and help them grow. Great insight from friend and colleague, Pat Falotico, on the difference between providing and serving in leadership. Please read on Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership […]

Re-focusing on Genuine Leadership – How to Get There

  For growing leaders, the goal of being an authentic leader is both energizing and inspiring. The first and most important element is to know yourself, and here are 3 quick points to get you there –   Clarify Your Priorities. – You can pause right now and assess whether you’re living in alignment with […]

3 Fearless Tips to Break Meeting Room Tension

My friend and colleague, Tom Crawford, highlighted three crucial steps for leaders who want to create a healthy work environment where people will look forward to meetings. Apply these 3 common-sense tips and let us know how much they make a difference in your leadership – 1. Be intentional to show respect and dignity for […]

Diffusing Meeting Room Tension the Right Way

Have you ever had that sinking feeling in your stomach about going to meetings? There are many reasons we may dread meetings—they can be boring, ineffective, unfocused, not related to our responsibilities, poorly managed, a waste of time, and the list goes on and on.   But in this blog we want to deal with […]

New Survey: Millennials Learn More from Technology Than from People

These new statistics from Growing Leaders seem startling – 70% of U.S. adults say children growing up today will not be ready for adult life (i.e., life after graduation from school). 2 in 3 U.S. adults (66%) say that when they were in their teens, they had an older adult (other than a parent) who […]

How Leaders Bounce Back with Tenacious Resilience

By Lee Ellis Going through tough times that seem impossible. Pushing through a challenge with unrelenting determination. Simply not giving up when you want to call it quits. Doing things that you don’t feel like doing in order to achieve your goal. What personally comes to mind when you think about resilience? What’s your frame […]

Are You Emotionally Intelligent? Here’s How to Tell

One of important skills that Lee focuses on during his speaking and training is EQ or Emotional Intelligence. It’s come into vogue in recent years, with numerous books being written about the subject. This article from Cornerstone University gives a good synopsis…you can read it here. And please share your comments and wisdom in this […]

8 Common Public Speaking Fears for Leaders — and How to Squash Them

Great advice for all leaders who must speak in front of others – “8 Common Public Speaking Fears — and How to Squash Them” in Speaker Magazine. Please Read if you’re struggling with any of the following:  While preparing to give a speech, I feel tense and nervous. My hands tremble when I’m giving a […]

3 Ways to Lead in Preserving Our Independence

By Lee Ellis <<<Sign up and get instant access to Lee’s monthly coaching video on this topic>>> Amidst the social gatherings and backyard barbecues of the Independence Day celebrations that we have each year, there are many important and dramatic stories about the sacrifices of our founding fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence. Some […]

4 Summer Leadership Discipline Tips (Amidst the Fun)

Whether you’re a Millennial or Gen Z or a seasoned Boomer, it’s courageously learning to do what we don’t want to do and doing what we know that we should do to achieve our goals. Here are 4 helpful tips from Lee Ellis to improve your discipline –  Recognize that choices become habits. Whether good […]

Results vs Relationships Balance – How to Assess Your Team’s Behavior

As a child, riding a seesaw was fun, wasn’t it? Well, except when you didn’t have equal weight on both sides—then it was just out of balance and someone got stuck in mid-air. That bears the question—is your leadership out of balance?  Most likely it is because statistically, more than 85% of the population tilts […]

4 Defining Steps to Better Leadership Discipline

By Lee Ellis I really love summertime. But to be honest, it derails my sense of discipline. Perhaps it’s the additional summer activities or vacation time. This isn’t a guilt trip, but there are still worthwhile and sometimes difficult things that need to get done during the Summer, right? What can we do about it […]

Guest Article – Art as a path to transformation

In this inspirational article by Brazilian friend and executive search consultant, Adriana Prates, she shares her unique stories and perspective on the impact that art has on each of one us in life, work, and leadership. She firmly believes that art is, par excellence, the place of knowledge, accomplishment and expression. How can you use […]

2 quick tips to manage difficult, dominant personalities

Perhaps you have heard it said about a powerful leader, “There’s a graveyard just outside his/her office for those who dared to confront them with the truth.” What’s the recognizable pattern of a dysfunctional dominant personality? Note the progression below when they are caught in a mistake. Step 1 – Deny Example – “That’s not […]