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Friday April 9th is Former POW Recognition Day

Today is Former POW Recognition Day – while not as well-known as National POW/MIA Recognition Day, it’s just as important. The word “former” is the key to remembering the major difference between these two events honored every year on their respective days. This day honors the more than 500,000 American warriors captured while protecting our […]

The Wellbeing-Engagement Paradox of 2020 – Gallup

“Unprecedented” may be the most overused word of 2020, but COVID-19 workplace data trends are truly like nothing Gallup has ever seen. They have been continuously tracking the engagement and wellbeing of the U.S. workforce since 2009 and increased frequency to nearly daily at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to better evaluate its impact. […]

Natural Behavior in the Crucible of POW Life

Lee Ellis served as an Air Force fighter pilot flying 53 combat missions over North Vietnam. In 1967, he was shot down and held as a POW for more than five years in Hanoi and surrounding camps. Today, he is an award-winning author, leadership coach and speaker on leadership, teambuilding and human performance. The brotherhood […]

4 Discipline Tips You Can Start and Maintain

I really love springtime. But to be honest, it derails my sense of discipline. Perhaps it’s the additional activities or vacation time. This isn’t a guilt trip, but there are still worthwhile and sometimes difficult things that need to get done during the Spring, right? What can we do about it as leaders? Discipline is […]

Better Leadership Discipline in 4 Steps

I really love springtime. But to be honest, it derails my sense of discipline. Perhaps it’s the additional activities or vacation time. This isn’t a guilt trip, but there are still worthwhile and sometimes difficult things that need to get done during the Spring, right? What can we do about it as leaders? My Busy […]

Coaching Article – Two Ways Leaders Can Become Golden

The Golden Rule appears in seven major religions in the world as well as most societal cultures. Most of us know it from our religious training, but it’s also quite intuitive if you care at all about other people. It seems like an obvious and simple rule to guard our character, but it’s also quite […]

New Author Interview on DODReads – See Enclosed

Special thanks to DODReads for this author interview opportunity below—please check it out. They supply military readers with books, articles, podcasts, and resources for lifelong learning. Additionally, they source the entire Army, Navy, Air Force Coast Guard and Marine Corps with reading lists. Click the Facebook link below, or read it on the DODReads website.

Coaching Article – The Behavioral Differences in Millennials—Does it Exist?

Have you heard that the global workforce is doomed because of the growing influx of inexperienced Millennials? They’re labeled as entitled, lack commitment and drive, impatient, and don’t respond well to authority. And these related statistics further add concern that a decline in honorable leadership is at stake: Of the 100 million people currently in […]

2 Quick Tips to Effectively Lead by Example

Whether it’s day-to-day leadership or leading through a battle, are you standing out in leading by example? Leadership is about influence, and the concept of “leaders go first” carries a lot of weight. When I reflect on the examples of the great leaders in the crucible of the Vietnam POW camps, first they courageously held […]

Coaching Article – What Does “Leaders Go First” Really Mean? Two Attributes

The frequent torture and abuse were indescribable, but they consistently met the challenge and bounced back. To this day, their example inspires me. I’m referring to our senior leaders in the crucible of the Vietnam POW camps. When the going got tough, their character and behaviors set the example that inspired and influenced the rest […]

Try these 4 self-improvement strategies to become a better leader

FastCompany columnist, Amy Kan, provides real-life, personal experience in the article below—specifically in four areas: Self-Control/Self-Discipline Resilience Integrity Adaptability. Good advice for leaders that want to continue growing and improving.  Read the article on the FastCompany website, and post your comments below, too –    

3 Tips to Leadership Balance and Avoiding Selfish Leadership Behaviors

Consider some of these leadership strengths and what happens when they get too strong:     Confident – Self-centered, talk mainly about their agenda, discount others Decisive – Opinionated–sometimes wrong but never in doubt Initiating – Too aggressive to get what they want Outgoing – Need to be the center of attention Accurate – React strongly […]

9 Behaviors of a Narcissistic Leader

Typically, narcissism is historically associated with physical beauty. You may recall that in Greek mythology, Narcissus was the handsome young man who became so enchanted with the image of himself in the pool that he could not pull away. Today we hear about a leader who has narcissistic tendencies, but it’s not so much about […]

2 Tips to Be a More Grounded Leader in 2021

At its core, being more grounded means having a rock-solid foundation for making decisions and managing our lives through the array of information overload, political jockeying, or the constant stream of disinformation. For more than 22 years, the steps that Leading with Honor uses for leadership development always start with know yourself. Two ways to […]

4 Interview Hacks to Stand Out in a Crowd of Job Candidates

Planning on new job opportunities in 2021? Here’s some help and self-awareness tips from our friend Dee Ann Turner. She has over 30 years of experience in talent management: Begin with the end in mind. Make it personal. Share a story or example. Emphasize results. Read the full article on her personal website     […]

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Holiday Listening Guide – See Inside

As you attend holiday gatherings over the next few days, this is just a reminder on the tremendous power of listening to others. We believe that it’s one of the most powerful to develop relationships—here are five music-related insights on listening that will tune your ears to becoming a better listening leader – Please read […]

Christmases In the Dungeons of North Vietnam

by Ted Ballard (1932-2019) (Lee’s Note: In this stirring and emotional article written by Lt Col Ted Ballard USAF (Ret) and former Vietnam POW, he recounts 7 Christmases when we were in the prison camps of Vietnam. We encourage you and to take a moment and read the details of these unforgettable events in his […]