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4 Courageous Leadership Principles for Difficult Times

It is ironic that the “Corona Virus” brings to mind the wisdom of an old expression about a phrase related to a crown, “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” But it’s never been truer than now because leaders must lead. Consistently leading with honor is a challenge in good times but requires much […]

New Podcast Interview – Encouragement from the POW Camps

Coming out from a traumatic event fosters many negative memories. However, prisoner of war Lee Ellis used the situation to his advantage and created something good out of it – helping people become great leaders through his experiences while held captive. With his stories from war, he narrates how he learned how to lead himself […]

Surviving an Upside-Down World – How the POWs Led Through Change

by Lee Ellis What a week we’ve just had! Are you in shock? How could anyone ever imagine that the NCAA basketball Final Four would be cancelled, Major League Baseball would be shut down, cruises and college classes would be shut down (or go virtual), and the Masters would be postponed indefinitely. What we have […]

How Successful Leaders Manage Public Stress

Based on current news and headlines, it’s more important than ever for honorable leaders to step up and help manage the stress of others in your influence. Fellow colleague and consultant, Mary Kelly, offer 6 tips to manage stress.  Check them out on her website and post your experience too – thank you    

2 Best Ways to Develop Your Strengths

Here’s a quick checklist on knowing your strengths and then the 2 best way to develop them – Let’s focus on yourself first: Do you know your best talents? Do you know what roles they fit the best? How did you discover that? Was it through trial and error? Did you get confirmation through a […]

Coaching Article: Jumpstart Your Leadership Talents – Find Your Strengths

By Lee Ellis You’re a very talented person. I hope you know that. But you’re not alone. Everyone has talents. The specific challenge is to discover them and then pursue and develop the ones that you’re passionate about using. In professional sports, teams spend a lot of time and money assessing the talents of candidates […]

CEO Advice on a (Smarter) New Business Model, Closing Sales

Here’s a very practical and inspirational article from Lisa Jones, founder and chief executive officer of EyeMail, Inc., on ways that she was able to improve and refine her business to stay on that upward road to success. See what ideas that you can glean from her experience in the CEO Netweavers article below, and […]

6 Behavioral Leadership Traits to Build Better Organizations

By Lee Ellis Great organizations love to win and be the best in their industry, and any competitive edge makes that success more likely. The vision of smooth-running, efficient, innovative, profitable, adept organization captivates most leaders’ aspirations, and it’s natural to have those goals.  Not long ago after a speaking engagement, I enjoyed a corporate […]

Quick Leadership Tip – Better Results in Your Conversations

Want more results in your conversations? Here’s a quick tip. The Platinum Rule says – ‘Do unto others as they would like to be done unto.’ It’s about accepting (and even celebrating) someone’s differences in the same way that we would like others to accept and celebrate ours. It’s easy to affirm someone’s strengths but […]

Presidents Adams and Jefferson Leadership

Presidents Day and 3 Behavioral Points that We Can Learn

In honor of President’s Day, think about the presidents that you regard as great leaders. Regardless of their political persuasion, do historically successful presidential leaders have common natural talents and traits?  More specifically, let’s compare the behavioral traits of presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Both presidents were successful on many points. Here’s a brief […]

Coaching Article – Rescue Work Relationships with the Platinum Rule

By Lee Ellis Communicating and working with an opposite personality can be a daunting task, and it takes a mature level of interpersonal skill to do it effectively. But there’s a foundational rule that can help. In our training workshops, we talk about managing differences by analyzing the strengths and struggles of two people with […]

3 Quick Goal-Setting Tips for the New Year

3 Quick Goal-Setting Tips from Leading with Honor – Already feeling that pressure about goals for the New Yea? Here are three tips that will help us achieve our goals this year –   Remember how you have sacrificed in the past and the reward that came from your suffering. As a Vietnam POW, when […]

3 Leadership Goal-Setting Behaviors for 2020

If you’re feeling some anxiety or struggle about goals for the New Year, here’s my advice for relieving that pressure: fail fast and avoid the drama. Just avoid making goals altogether. Seriously, you say? I remember my parents’ generation making New Year’s resolutions, but they rarely stuck to them for a full year. Today, I […]

Rick Franza: “Caught stealing – a lesson in ethics”

We’re grateful for our colleague and Dean of the Hull College of Business at Augusta University, Dr Rick Franza, as he teaches future leaders on business ethics. Check out his bold article in Bluffton Today. Lee will be with providing this year’s speech at the Russell A. Blanchard Distinguished Lecture Series. The event will be […]

7 Harsh Truths That Will Improve Your Leadership Skills Overnight

People leave managers, not companies. We’ve known this for a while and yet we can’t seem to solve the leadership crisis that will result in happy, engaged, and motivated workers. This article gives seven brutal truths about leadership: The brutal truth that good leaders will first pump the fear out of the room. The […]

3 Quick Tips for Better Team Dynamics

Differences make a team stronger if teams are composed of the right talents for the mission and if each person understands and accepts those who are different. They will play a critical role in the success of the team if they’re accepted and appreciated for their different talents. As you have probably already noticed at […]

Watch and Read – How Exceptional Leaders Value Differences in Others

Sharing time with like-minded people just feels good, doesn’t it? Connecting with cohorts with the same outlook, interests, skills and perspective is easy. Then, here comes someone that’s exactly your opposite. Ugh, now what? For honorable and mature leaders and team members, now the challenge is on to step up and make these opposing relationships […]

How I Discovered Patience While Growing my Business

Great article from one of my favorite organizations, CEO Netweavers, entitled “How I Discovered Patience While Growing my Business”. I hope this success story will inspire all honorable leaders in the new year. Please read on this CEO Netweavers website and post your feedback and wisdom too – thank you