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Lee Ellis Interview – Top Business Leaders

Do you have an idea for a book or message that you’d like to share? Recently, Lee was interviewed on the “Top Business Leaders” podcast on how he developed his award-winning book, Leading with Honor. Great interview on tips to help the aspiring author or speaker—please listen on the Top Business Leaders website or click […]

FAQ – “What are some things that you see in natural leaders?

A Leading with Honor FAQ – “What are some things that you see in natural leaders? What intangibles in a person make you say, ‘He or she has it.’” Lee’s Answer – “Regardless of what your personality is, you can be a great leader. It will look different for everyone.  I can show you CEOs […]

New Interview – Blue Grit Radio

New Lee Ellis podcast interview on Blue Grit Radio! Lee goes in-depth with the host on new insights about his POW experience as well as leadership experience and insight that he’s learned over his 40+ year career. To listen, please click the orange play button below. Your comments are welcome below, too—please post them here […]

Dr Cathy Greenberg Interview – New Ways to Lead and Engage

In a new Lee Ellis interview, he talks with Dr Cathy Greenberg on the tactics for leading and engage with honor. Their conversations reveals the latest information that they are seeing in today’s marketplace on the rewards and challenges of leading the right way. Please listen to this podcast interview and post your advice and […]

New Lee Ellis Podcast with Gareth Young

In this new podcast with Gareth Young, Lee talks about his life, his service, and his business and offered many rich and wonderful lessons that point leaders towards an authentic, happy and fulfilling life and career. Be inspired and listen, and please share your comments –