Captured by Love FAQ on Inspiring Couples

Captured by Love FAQ – “How would these 20 stories help and inspire other couples?”


Lee’s Answer – “Firstly, with both fighter pilots, war, the POW experience and what the wives also endured, it’s quite a unique set of circumstances. Secondly, the idea of their romance pulls them into the stories. So, it’s likely to get most readers engaged.

“For anyone in a committed relationship seeking to grow together, this book is a treasure trove of wisdom about having victory in difficult times. Each couple shares their unique love lessons that they believe strengthened their relationships, and then we compiled all of them into eight over-arching love lessons in the back of the book. While the stories are moving yet entertaining, the lessons within the stories are imminently practical.

“I also believe that these stories will resonate with military couples in a special way. The amount of committed resilience that it takes for military couples to build lives together can be challenging, but the payoff is worth it.”


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