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How Natural Behavior Fuels Passion and Creativity in Work

(Editor’s Note: Occasionally, we feature articles* from guest authors that have a special message that we want to share with you. Col. Bill DeMarco is a great colleague and friend that is influencing his sphere of influence with passion and creativity.) By Bill DeMarco In his book “Steve Jobs”, Walter Isaacson reflects on a conversation […]

July 15, 2015

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Special Offer – Leading with Honor Freedom Package – See Inside

Studying a leadership lesson per week in ‘Leading with Honor’ is the perfect way to build greater freedom and influence in your personal leadership. We’ve created a new ‘Freedom Package’ that includes the Leading with Honor book, training guide, and wristband. Order during the month of July, and save 30 percent! Learn More and Order […]

July 13, 2015

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On This Day in Leadership History, July 12, 2015

On this day in leadership history in 1960, manufacturing began for the Etch A Sketch®. This ingenious toy has helped spark the imaginations of kids and adults alike for generations, and some of today’s leaders were, no doubt, influenced by this creative learning tool. Was the Etch A Sketch one of your favorite toys? Please […]

July 12, 2015

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Helping the Next Generation Embrace Passion and Creativity – Great Advice

As parents and leaders that have an opportunity to influence young people, how do we teach next generation (and current generation) leaders to keep innovating? It’s what has made America great. This article from our friend and colleague, Col Bill DeMarco, explores how to instill creativity and passion from those that follow you. Please Read […]

July 11, 2015

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Leading with Honor Wisdom for Today, July 10, 2015

“Leaders devoid of crucible experiences are likely to be overly confident about their ideas, and surprisingly more susceptible to fears. Courageously facing our fears in the difficult times gives us both humility and real confidence.” – Lee Ellis

July 10, 2015

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7 Core Behaviors for Leading with Honor – See Inside

Thousands of people have downloaded “The Honor Code” – a set of 7 core behaviors essential for honorable leadership. See how many that you’re using in your daily life and leadership, and review with your team – Download your free copy. If you’re already using The Honor Code, please share your comments –

July 9, 2015

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3 Long-Term Ways to Successfully Fulfill Your Duty as an Honorable Leader

By Lee Ellis When sharing about my past experience as a former Vietnam POW, people often ask me, “How did you survive more than five years in a communist prison camp?” There were many contributing factors, but none more important than our courageous leaders. They put their lives on the line, suffered often, set the […]

July 8, 2015

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Leading with Honor Freedom Package – NEW! Save 30% Off for a Limited Time

Leaders with long-lasting success know the value of personal leadership development, and we support your desire to lead with character, courage, and commitment. For a limited time, we’re offering the Leading with Honor Freedom Package that can be used as a personal study. Take one chapter at a time, and set your own pace to […]

July 6, 2015

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On This Day in Leadership History, July 5, 2015

On this day in leadership history in 1902, American statesman and historian, Henry Cabot Lodge, was born. What a great example of an intelligent leader that was unfortunately held back from greater success and influence by a lack of self-awareness and poor attitude. Here is historian George E. Mowry’s surmise of Lodge – “Henry Cabot […]

July 5, 2015

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Special Honor – DAR Washington D.C. Medal of Honor Ceremony – Lee Ellis

On June 27th 2015, Lee was honored by one of the active, pro-patriotism organizations in the U.S, The Daughters of the American Revolution. Each year, they choose 2 recipients of their esteemed Medal of Honor Award, and Lee was one their 2015 honorees. We’re grateful for the work and enduring leadership that DAR fulfills as […]

July 1, 2015

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On This Day in Leadership History, June 28, 2015

On this day in leadership history in 1911, Samuel J. Battle became the first African-American policeman in New York City. Racial milestones like Sam Battle lay the foundation for future leaders of all races to achieve their vision and goals. What may seem impossible for you today can very likely become possible tomorrow. Leaders—stay strong […]

June 28, 2015

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Fantastic Article – “Discipline Breeds Success in Business and Leadership”

Outcomes are not about luck. As Jim Collins says: “Greatness is a matter of choice, not circumstance.” In the language of emotional intelligence, the concept of discipline involves exercising self-regulation in order to improve. It means consistently acting in alignment with your values, long-term goals and self-imposed performance standards, despite expedience or taking the easy […]

June 25, 2015

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Special Offer – Courageous Leader Development Package

Summer is the perfect time for personal leadership development. In just a few minutes everyday, you can learn more about your leadership strengths and struggles plus the leadership lessons that will guide your long-term success. Learn more about the ‘Courageous Leadership Package’ below, and please share with others!

June 24, 2015

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Lee Shares Intimate Details about Guarding Your Character – See Inside

In this Leading with Honor excerpt, Lee shares some very intimate points about the leadership principle of “Guarding Your Character” – please read and share – “What causes one person to abandon his commitments even before he’s seriously tested, and another to keep his commitments nearly to the point of death? I’m quite certain both […]

June 22, 2015

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On This Day in Leadership History, June 21, 2015

On this day in leadership history in 2004, SpaceShipOne, designed by Burt Rutan and piloted by Mike Melvill, reached 328,491 feet above Earth in a 90 minute flight. The height is about 400 feet above the distance scientists consider to be the boundary of space. Leaders—just when you think that a particular area of achievement […]

June 21, 2015

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Discover Your Talents, Do What You Love – Lee’s Latest Interview

In this latest audio interview, Lee shares his insight into why it’s so important to do what you love in your work and career. Leaders who are working in their “sweet spot” are so much more equipped for long-term success. Listen to this new interview, and please share your comments!  

June 18, 2015

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