Avoiding the Narcissist Trap – How to Maximize your Strengths and Minimize Your Struggles

Concerned about becoming a narcissist (would you even notice haha)? Or are you concerned about how to handle one in your life and work? Consider some of these leadership strengths and what happens when they get too strong –

– Confident – Self-centered, talk mainly about their agenda, discount others

– Decisive – Opinionated–sometimes wrong but never in doubt

– Initiating – Too aggressive to get what they want

– Outgoing – Need to be the center of attention

– Accurate  React strongly to constructive feedback

– Take charge – Controlling, believing that they are smarter, superior

– Strategic – Manipulative of others to get what they want

– Logical and Objective – Insensitive to the feelings and needs of others

– Visionary – Blame others when something goes wrong

Now if you have a strong, confident personality, you may lack self-awareness of these unbalanced traits when you look in the mirror, but others notice them. To avoid acquiring a full-blown case of NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), evaluate how many of these struggles show up in your thoughts and behavior and imagine how others experience you.

Here are three healthy ways to maximize your strengths and minimize your struggles:

  1. Gain more self-awareness of how others see you. What traits can you do more or less of to be more effective?
  1. If you’re humble and reticent –

– Believe in yourself and the value you bring to the table and assert yourself into situations.

– Speak up to share your insights and ideas. Challenge issues when you disagree.

– Stretch and take on high profile challenges that match your natural talents.

  1. If you naturally have a strong ego –

– Solicit input and practice active listening.

– Set aside your agenda and become more aware of the other person’s feelings and your own feelings in the moment.

– Consider how you can affirm, encourage, and support others.

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2 Comments on “Avoiding the Narcissist Trap – How to Maximize your Strengths and Minimize Your Struggles

Tina Del Buono
April 4, 2017 at 2:40 am

Excellent information thank you?

Kevin Light
April 19, 2017 at 4:49 pm

Glad it was helpful, Tina! The Leading with Honor Team


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