Announcing the Leading with Honor ‘Courage Challenge’ – A Special Invitation

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Lee Ellis defines courage –

“I define courage as doing what’s right even when it doesn’t feel natural and doesn’t feel safe. Overcoming fears to do what we know is right—that’s leading with honor.”

Like the leaders in the Hanoi Hilton, acts of true courage minimize fear, selfishness, pride, and they embrace wisdom, character, humility, and authenticity.

Leader and future leaders of all ages are uniting to answer the challenge to choose courage in their daily lives.

As a leader in your home, work, or community, you’re in a stressful moment and need to respond as a courageous leader. You have three choices –

  • You can withdraw
  • You can dominate
  • You can engage

What’s the difference between these choices?

We invite you to sign up for the Courage Challenge at

   – Join others who are daily choosing to lead with courage

   – Learn how to engage as leader instead withdrawing or dominating

   – Download a free card with tips on how to effectively engage as a leader

We’re here to serve and encourage you!

Lee Ellis and the Team at FreedomStar Media

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