American Airlines Asked 59,000 of its Employees What They Really Thought. This Was Their Answer


This was the first American Airlines companywide survey in 10 years, so perhaps there were a few pent-up feelings just waiting to be aired. American — as well as its competitors — knows that having a positive workforce goes a long way toward customer satisfaction and, here’s an idea, repeat business.

Please read the results in this article. Should honorable leaders have the courage to get honest feedback from their team (and do it often)? What do you think? Please comment below – thank you





One Comment on “American Airlines Asked 59,000 of its Employees What They Really Thought. This Was Their Answer

Tom Prior
January 8, 2019 at 10:57 am

Leaders must “Fight for Feedback” More than 15 years ago, as a leader, I learned to ask this question: “What is it that I do that keeps you from doing your very best work?” It isn’t original; I read it somewhere and it stuck! If your team trusts you, their answers can be brutal! When I ask this question, I listen, take notes, and do not respond. Then I go in my office, close the door, and put my head down and cry. The answers can really hurt! But that is how you improve your organization. You don’t have to change anything, but you know where the “sore points” are and can explain why you do what you do. There may be opportunities to adjust what you do. I believe in 1) Train and set expectations – achieve mutual buy-in; 2) Delegate effectively (include authority with responsibility) 3) Follow up and hold accountable. If you listen effectively, invest as much as 50% of your time training and achieving mutual buy-in, trust your team to do it right, and each knows they are accountable to themselves and to the team (you drive this train) things seem to go better…usually!


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