About Lee Ellis and Team

About Lee Ellis

Nationally-Recognized Leadership Coach, Award-Winning Author, Certified Speaking Professional* (CSP), and USAF Colonel (Ret) | President, Leading with Honor

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Eddie Williams | Director of Learning

For nearly twenty years, Eddie conducts high content presentations on such topics as: Communication, Effective Listening, Time Management, Personal Coaching, Motivation, Leadership, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation, Team Building, Resiliency, Self-Esteem, and others. Eddie’s keynotes and workshops are motivational in style and tone, while adding value, and allow each participant to implement his insights immediately. Clients include; AFLAC, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Sherwin-Williams, FedEx, MetLife, US Department of Labor, Waste Management, Marriott, The Coca-Cola Company, The FAA, The CDC, numerous School Systems, many civic organizations, and industry specific associations across the country.

Eddie is a West Point graduate, U.S. Army Veteran, and former Airborne, Ranger, and Green Beret. After leaving the military, he has held positions of increased responsibility in Sales, Marketing and Management. Eddie also holds an MBA from Kennesaw State University.

Eddie also serves in the Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF), a voluntary military organization that assists the Georgia Army and Air National Guard during state emergency situations, such as; search & rescue, hurricane evacuation, joint operations, and medical emergencies. He currently serves as the Commander of the 76th Support Brigade at the Clay National Guard Center, Marietta, GA, and holds the rank of Colonel.

Our Coaching and Training Team

Leadership Behavior DNA

We have a team of experienced coaches and trainers that have committed to align with the principles and processes of Leading with Honor. They are also certified training professionals for Leadership Behavior DNA™ Services.

Brian Ferguson

Coach / Trainer

Brian’s focus is on developing leadership and influence skills for individuals and teams in many capacities, including strategic thinking, delegation, accountability, conflict resolution and organizational culture development. As a Lt Colonel in the Air Force Reserves (C-130 Pilot and commander) he brings a unique perspective, especially with motivating and managing leaders and teams in high stress environments.

Brian has a BBA from the University of Georgia and is a graduate of the Core Essential Program of Coach University, an International Coach Federation Accredited Coach Training Program.

Leadership Behavior DNA Style Group – Adapter
Three Strongest Natural Traits –– Anchored, Pioneer, Risk-Taker

Robert Kirton

Coach / Trainer

Dr. Robert L. Kirton has served for more than three decades as a Chief Education Officer, Area Superintendent, Executive Director of Career and Technology, Principal, Coach, and Teacher. Currently, he is a Distinguished Post Graduate Professor at South Carolina State University in the Department of Educational Leadership. He is also the founder of the Brotherhood of Achievers Determined and Dedicated aka “The Brotherhood.”

As an author, coach, motivational speaker, trained leadership and teambuilding facilitator, Licensed Contractor and Master Craftsman, he is results-driven and committed to assisting government, educational institutions, and all organizations to increase achievement and success. His certifications include expertise in Leadership and Team Building Facilitation, Project Adventure, Motivational Counseling and Behavioral Intervention, and Ripple Effects.

Dr. Kirton has a Doctor of Education in Educational Administration, Educational Specialist in Educational Administration, and Special Cognate in Special Education Administration, South Carolina State University; Master of Education in Educational Administration and Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies, University of South Carolina.

Leadership Behavior DNA Style Group – Initiator
Three Strongest Natural Traits – Creative, Risk-Taker, Fast-Paced

Raellyn Kovich

Coach / Trainer

Raellyn Kovich is a business leader and talent management coach and trainer having served in Fortune 100 corporations, non-profits and small businesses for almost ten years. Her experience spans leadership positions in communications, change management and organizational alignment, as well as marketing, strategic planning, and leadership development. In addition, she was responsible for developing an internal mentoring program with the United States Army and members of the civilian Senior Executive Service corps.

Ms. Kovich received a Bachelor’s degree from Wittenberg University in Ohio and an MBA from Kennesaw State University with a concentration in leadership studies, in addition to a graduate certificate in Managerial Coaching from Kennesaw State University.

Leadership Behavior DNA Style Group – Initiator
Three Strongest Natural Traits – Take Charge, Creative, Reserved

John Purcell

Coach / Trainer

As a seasoned coach/trainer, author, and speaker, John’s focus is on leadership growth, primarily at the CEO/Executive level, team building of executive staff, boards, and health care teams, strategic planning and execution, and creating a culture of coaching leaders. His past experience includes 18 years with a Fortune 100 company in sales and as a general manager in manufacturing and materials including 13 years with responsibility for 4 businesses and 800 employees. As COO of a large non-profit organization he oversaw planning and execution, growing it from a staff of 40 to a staff of 200 with over 4000 volunteers.

John has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cincinnati, and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Lewis and Clark College, Portland OR. He lives in the Atlanta, GA metro area.

Leadership Behavior DNA Style Group – Influencer
Three Strongest Natural Traits – Risk-Taker, Fast-Paced, Pioneer

Laurie Rose

Coach / Trainer

Laurie is a dynamic and engaging bilingual facilitator, trainer and coach, whose energy and sense of humor characterize her workshops and coaching sessions. With more than seventeen years of experience in designing and delivering experiential learning events, Laurie is known for her wit, warmth, and hands-on, practical approach. She combines theory and practice to ensure that learning takes place on both an intellectual and an emotional level. For over six years she has been successfully coaching individuals on a wide range of personal and professional development issues.

Laurie’s educational background includes a Certificate in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University and a Master’s degree in Human Systems Intervention (organizational development) from Concordia University. She has also completed the Personal and Professional Coach Certification program at Concordia.

Leadership Behavior DNA Style Group – Strategist
Three Strongest Natural Traits – Take Charge, Skeptical, Reserved