Honor is our unique leadership perspective

We help you develop leaders and build teams.

Our collective opportunity is to affect positive change in our global work culture and society by inspiring and training leaders to embrace the head and heart balance of courageous accountability as a practical strategy for developing people and getting results.

And, our promise is to raise a person’s awareness of their unique leadership strengths and struggles that threaten their ability to be an honorable leader. With this self-awareness, they can choose to grow and develop. We help them in this process.

About Leading with Honor®

The mission of Leading with Honor is to help leaders engage with character, courage, and commitment to develop the next generation to succeed through accountability, resilience, and honor. We believe you can do it, and we can help. Please explore these pages to learn more.

About FreedomStar Media®

FreedomStar Media is the publishing organization founded by Lee Ellis. Its mission is to create exceptional leadership development resources to help individuals and teams grow as honorable leaders with character, courage, and commitment.

About Leadership Freedom LLC®

Leadership Freedom LLC is the original consulting, coaching, and training organization founded by Lee Ellis. In 2017, we are making the transition from Leadership Freedom LLC to the new organizational name, Leading with Honor®, to further emphasize the importance of training leaders in character, courage, and commitment.