7 Work-Boosting Tips for Creating Team Boundaries

Are boundaries a good thing, or are they restrictive? And what should be our courageous stance as leaders on this topic?

I’m sensing another battle when I see our country being splintered into various groups based on race, gender, immigration, politics, and every other imaginable sliver of personal and group agenda. It’s a very dangerous trend that is threatening our nation. And it can also trickle down into our organizational teams, too.

If you want to take a stand against these dangerous attitudes and worldviews growing rapidly in our current culture, there’s an honorable way that can bring clarity, hope and unity. Check out these seven articles and consider how they might bring about greater respect for others and a culture that respects boundaries –

  1. Tell the truth even when it’s difficult. Avoid duplicity and deceitful behavior.
  2. Treat others with dignity and respect. Take the lead, and communicate value to others.
  3. Keep your word and your commitments. Ask for relief sooner than later if necessary.
  4. Be ethical. Operate within the laws of the land, the guidelines of your profession, and the policies of your employer.
  5. Act responsibly; do your duty, and be accountable. Own your mistakes, and work to do better in the future.
  6. Live your values. Be faithful to your spiritual core, your conscience, and your deepest intuitions.
  7. Be courageous. Courage is at the core of all honorable behavior. Without it, doubts and fears will take you out.

Living with boundaries is never easy, but the blessings of unity in the basics of character and commitment to a common goal are lifesaving.

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Download a copy of the Honor Code on which list this is based.




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