6 Ingredients of a Healthy Successful Organization

Want to know one of my client’s secret to success in his industry? It may surprise you. Here’s his “secret sauce”:  

  1. Get the right people. We need good people on our team. This is the starting place for success.
  2. Get the right people in the right roles/jobs. When a person’s talents, interests, and passions are matched to their work, they are less stressed, more energized, and more likely to add value to our mission.
  3. Communicate and clarify. Good communication with aligned purpose and goals is fundamental to cohesive teamwork.
  4. Collaborate. When we have trust and work together, we have the synergy that can make 1 + 1 equal 3 (the concept that positive synergies can produce better results).
  5. Innovate. With talented, energetic people collaborating, we get the new ideas and improvements that make us more competitive.
  6. Grow competent healthy leaders. We need supervisors and managers who create an environment that facilitates the steps above.

In observing this leader and the group, the thing that impressed me most was a healthy balance of confidence and humility. There was a freedom and authenticity that was engaging and energizing. I can see how this company is a leader in their industry—especially when it comes to profitability.

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