5 Quick Tips to Know Yourself Better

After many years of coaching and training thousands of people, we know that freedom to know yourself and fulfill your purpose is a significant issue. We can all benefit from gaining the self-awareness to see ourselves objectively.

The vulnerability is that if I get to know myself, I’ll have to face the challenge that I’m not perfect and that seems too threatening or too difficult to admit. Here are five leadership tips that I use to walk in self-awareness and freedom –

  1. Look around and take stock. Do you have peers, friends and family who see you as a good human being? If so, accept yourself as being valued and appreciated just the way you are.
  2. Recognize that no one is perfect; we all have gaps and struggles. Decide that it’s much more important to know yourself objectively than to pretend. Set aside your fears and be willing to be vulnerable.
  3. Get feedback (management information). Ask others around you for feedback and insight. A couple of questions may be “Would you do me the favor of sharing your observations of me?” and “What are three of my strengths and three of my struggles or ways that I get in my own way?”
  4. Use an objective measurement tool. Online assessments like Leadership Behavior DNA can help you discover your Strengths (talents) and Struggles.
  5. Make a commitment to be a lifelong learner and continue to grow.

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