5 Quick Factors to Expand Your Team the Right Way

Do you need 5 recommended leadership growth factors to help your team or organization expand as you grow? Here are Lee’s recommended factors –  

  1. Know Yourself – Know your personal strengths and struggles, and surround yourself with people that can balance your deficiencies. Everyday in my coaching and training, I use a validated assessment tool like Leadership Behavior DNA to help leaders determines their natural traits.
  2. Clarify and Build Your Culture – Creating a mission, vision, and values statement for your organization shouldn’t seem like a waste of time. This mission/vision/values musical score is the page that everyone will play from, and it doesn’t have to be complex.
  3. Over-Communicate the Message – If you believe that you’ve stated a point, process, or objective enough, you haven’t. Don’t needlessly have meetings for the sake of meetings, but find ways to disseminate information in multiple ways that fits with your culture. And make it reciprocal.
  4. Develop Your People – You must be in the business of developing your people just as much as the business itself. If someone needs more practice to perfect their part in your “orchestra”, give them the resources to do it and build in a method of positive accountability.
  5. Build Cohesive Teams – Create an atmosphere of collaboration instead of fear and self-preservation. Allow mistakes to be made, give supervisors the latitude to help their people, and incentivize all staff in a way that builds a closer team.

As you begin for create your own plan incorporating the lessons above, the over-arching leadership lesson that also must be applied is courage!

Please post your comments and experiences too—we need your input to help grow more honorable leaders –

And you can read the full article on this topic – “5 Behavioral Factors to Help Expand Your Organization”



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