5 Pieces of Advice for Next Gen Leaders

In this season of graduations and transitions from high school to college to adult life, I’ve reflected on what I’d tell my younger self. Here they are –


  1. Know yourself. Identify your natural behavioral talents and strengths for work and nurture them. Also, understand your struggles and learn how to manage them so that they don’t control you.


Take a good personality assessment that scientifically pinpoints your strengths, your best talents, as well as those struggles that aren’t your best (areas where you will need to adapt and struggle a bit just to be average).


  1. Be excellent in your work. Shine where you are no matter what you’re doing. Take ownership and be responsible and diligent even when others around you aren’t. Decide that good character and values must rule your daily decisions.


  1. Be a team player. Work hard to make your boss and team successful. Your natural strengths and struggles become even more important on this point. Offer help in your areas of strength and manage your struggles as best you can, and then work with the strengths and struggles of others with patience and grace.


  1. Develop relationships. Build your network and find mentors. If you’re an extrovert, try to go deeper in your relationships so that they stand the test of time. If you’re an introvert, stretch yourself to connect with others and be generous with your talents and skills.


  1. Be intentional. Create a life and career plan with some specific goals, and then regularly coach yourself to follow through. Be aware that a job that’s not a perfect fit is a time for learning and honing your skills for the next step that will bring you closer to your final near-perfect fit.


That’s my points of advice. What are yours? Please post them below and share them with us –

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