4 Quick Tips to Lead in Difficult Times

It’s ironic that the “Corona Virus” brings to mind the wisdom of an old expression about a phrase related to a crown, “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” But it’s never been truer than now because leaders must lead.   

Courage is the critical “binding agent” to good leadership because you’ll need to make some critical decisions in the coming days and weeks. Apply these four tips to help mitigate fear and insecurity when we’re out of our comfort zone –

  1. Courageously guard your character. When times are tough and there are hard decisions to make, followers look to their leaders to see if they will come through and walk the talk. These are the times when leaders are exposed—is their character anchored in virtue, or do they fall into self-preservation out of fear to protect their image, position, power, or personal security?
  2. Courageously seek wise counsel. Genuine, secure leaders are willing to vet their ideas and listen to feedback from others before stepping out in a new direction.
  3. Courageously clarify. As young military officers, we learned to “Fight for Clarity.” Knowing that communications get twisted as they are passed along, clarify your message so that it communicates what is expected, any guidelines that are included, and who is accountable for carrying out the actions.
  4. Courageously stay connected. Leadership is very much about influencing attitudes and emotions, so you must stay connected to your people. In remote or stress-filled work environments, it’s especially important to over-communicate, making sure you are connecting to their hearts.

Finally…not to incite paranoia, but it’s important to know that you’re being watched. Go and lead with courage, and your team will respond as you infuse confidence into their lives.

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