4 quick tips to connect with the heart

4 quick Leading with Honor tips to connect with the heart of your colleagues or team – see if you agree: 

1. Train your mindset so that it will support your heart in this effort. Some people will have to go against their nature and re-train their brain the connecting with the heart will get results and build solid, trusted relationships.

2. Develop your strategy and tactics to be more intentional in encouraging and affirming others.

  • Accept that you will have to be vulnerable and genuinely open yourself to make this connection.
  • Begin to observe others and see them as valuable human beings that are struggling to gain a foothold with their own security and confidence.
  • Look for ways to affirm them, remembering it must be true and genuine. You may even want to write a short one or two sentence script if it seems difficult to do.

3. Look for a good opportunity and deliver your message. At first this may be a bit mechanical for those who are highly results-oriented, but it will get more comfortable. Soon it will start to come more naturally.

4. Make it a habit and use tools if needed. There was a story about a senior vice-president at Bellsouth (now part of ATT) who put ten dimes in her pocket each morning. Every time she affirmed someone, she moved a dime to the other pocket. Her goal was to move all ten dimes over before the end of the day. How is that for being intentional? It may sound hokey, but it worked. She was an amazing leader who got great results, and people did not want to let her down.

Remember—the goal is to become more intentional in connecting with the hearts of your team (and others too). Please post your tips and experience too – thank you

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